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The Earth-Noise Intervene
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Phoenix Wright Kink Meme Index Part Two 
28th-Nov-2007 05:51 pm
marvel - purple barton
This is the index post for completed slash challenges at the Phoenix Wright Kink Meme, Part 1. For all other completed challenges, see this post. For all unanswered challenges, see kinkgoeshere. For all completed challenges in Part 2, see this post. Last Update: 15/3/08 0537 PST.

Due to the nature of this challenge, I will be offering NO WARNINGS for content or spoilers. Figure it out for your damn self. Unless the prompt got more than one response, the link goes to the prompt itself, not to the response.

DEAR AUTHORS: If you wrote one of these stories and want to come out and claim it, PLEASE COMMENT. It brings people together!


-Phoenix x Miles, fisting. - Untitled by jynx

-NaruMistu, rape recovery. (Preferrably, Naru being the abused party.) - Untitled 1 by one anon continued by themodestotter and Untitled 2

-Phoenix/Miles - Massage - Funny Business by llamaramauk (Here at narumitsu)

-Phoenix x Miles, begging on Phoenix's part and slight sadism on Miles'. Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down by llamaramauk (Here at igiari)

-Phoenix/Edgeworth - Phoenix trying his damned best to cyber with Edgeworth while Edgeworth's secretary is required to be coming in and out of his office. Edgeworth can't help but be reluctantly and embarrasedly into it because that is what he does. - Cybersex by benightedfate (Here at igiari) and Untitled 2

-Phoenix/Edgeworth, clothed desperate horny frottage in the records room, denied orgasm when they think somebody's coming in.

Discovering that Edgeworth was so loud the whole station heard. - Untitled by benightedfate

-Phoenix and Miles... with hobo!Phoenix.
Kink - really angry frustrated passionate sex... I guess Miles is angry Phoenix let himself go or something. *.* - Untitled by darkenedwings

-Any combination of child Miles, child Phoenix, child Larry. Fluffy, angsty or funny "awkwardly discovering their sexuality behind the bikesheds at school" stuff. No sex necessary, kissing or fumbling fine. Comedy fine too :) - Untitled

-Miles/Phoenix, masochistic Phoenix and domly Miles.

A billion bonus points for Psyche Lock bondage. - Ask Me Anything by llamaramauk

-Phoenix/Edgeworth mpreg. Yes, seriously. The writer may choose which man's on the receiving end, so to speak. - Untitled

-I heard Phoenix is afraid of thunderstorms. So let's mix up the angst a bit.

I request Phoenix/Edgeworth during a thunderstorm. Phoenix being scared of the thunder, Edgeworth doing something about it. Just a change of pace from Edgeworth usually being the scared and angsty one (earthquakes, elevators)... - Untitled

-Miles/Phoenix, aphrodisiacs. Preferably with Miles topping, since I don't see enough of that ever. - Tisane by sabinelagrande (Expanded version here)


Steel Samurai roleplay sex. You heard me. - Untitled by thedevilchicken

-Alternative universe...

Edo-era Japan... Edgeworth is a samurai. Phoenix owns a tea shop. Making lots of steamy eye-contact whenever Edgeworth comes in for his daily indulgence. One day his daily indulgence isn't about tea anymore, heh heh heh.

I guess calling them by their Japanese names would be more appropriate in this setting? - Blue Eyes by moxiemuse (Expanded version here at igiari)

-Maya discovers Nick/Edgey RPS on the internet. Hilarity ensues. - Untitled by benightedfate

-Edgeworth visiting a bruised and feverish Phoenix in the hospital during GS3 case 5. Mild angst and fluff ensue?

(Bonus lol points if Feenie is wearing Iris' hood. XD) - Untitled

-Phoenix and Edgeworth - loss of virginity.
Both of them. ;)

Maybe in the Gatewater hotel after the verdict in game 2-4? The one Pearly arranges. - Untitled 1 and Untitled 2

-HAHAHA I've got one... Phoenix & Edgeworth (sure are popular, huh)...
except they're old-old. Like 50+. Maybe retired, but they're still lively enough to at least try to get it on. - Some Things Never Get Old by llamaramauk (Here at narumitsu)

-Phoenix/Edgeworth! COURTROOM SEX. Bonus points if it's angry. - Untitled by thedevilchicken

-Post GS3, possibly post GS4, it's up to you. Phoenix/Edgeworth, if Edgeworth was the one who got disbarred. Edgeworth begging, Nick being hesitant. - Untitled

-Phoenix / Edgeworth.... awful dancing & drunk!sex.

I can see Phoenix putting on some awful 80's music, dancing round with a beer in his hand while Miles sits giggling on the couch with his cravat tied round his forehead.
And then sloppy, unsophisticated, wobbly verge-of-falling-asleep!sex. - Untitled by yubberducky

-Edgeworth masturbating to a fantasy where he's domineering, controlling, and incredibly rough. Afterwards he feels ashamed that he was capable of such a thing. Any pairing is fine. - Untitled by darkenedwings

-Phoenix/Edgeworth - Edgeworth gets framed for murder again and his only alibi is that he was having sex with Phoenix at the time of the murder. - Untitled

-Miles/Phoenix, voyuerism. Take that any way you choose. - Untitled by shadowfighter

-In a Greg-didn't-die AU, Miles/Phoenix teenage indiscretion. Both totally out of their depth, too horny to care. Bonus points for outdoor sex, atypical sex methods (frottage, intercrural), risk of being caught. - Untitled by jynx

-Phoenix/Miles. Miles is ticklish. >:D - Untitled 1 by themodestotter and Untitled 2

-My kink is jealousy~ Basically I'd like to see a situation where some other guy is flirting hard with Edgeworth while Phoenix is right there, and for whatever reason, Edgeworth thinks it's in his best interests not to outright tell him to gtfo. Phoenix is jealous as hell at this lack of directness and the second they're alone, a conversation and possibly jealous!sex ensues. - Harmless by by fontanella

-Phoenix/Edgeworth. AS MUCH ENGRISH AS POSSIBLE. - Untitled by militarypenguin

-Phoenix and Miles, elevator sex - but bearing in mind Miles has a complete and utter aversion/fear of elevators. - Bruises by northswainglow (Filled at igiari)

-Edgeworth stumbles into someplace (his office, Phoenix's office, whatever!) and finds Phoenix asleep. - Busy Dreams by shivasan

-Phoenix/Miles. Sweet, slow, and loving.

...Yes, that is a kink. - Untitled by thedevilchicken

-Try this on for size - Phoenix & Miles genderswitch.

The magatama can accidentally turn you into a woman? Edgeworth tries some new brand of mysterious tea? Please note, I'd like both of them as women. ;3 - Untitled


Phoenix/Edgeworth. I don't care which one of them has them. IT could be that they're getting old, or maybe they already had reading glasses no one ever saw because they only used them in private. But yes. One of them must have glasses. THE OTHER MUST FIND THEM AN INCREDIBLE TURN ON. - Untitled

-Phoenix and Miles reluctantly coming out of the closet. Bonus points if Maya helps. - Trapped in the Closet by sabinelagrande

-Phoenix dumps Edgeworth. Either coerced into it (threatened, something involving a case, ect..) or upset because Edgeworth won't say he loves him. Edgeworth is too proud to apologize or come crawling back. Both are genuinely hurt. Bonus points if it’s feasible and/or overwrought with angst. - Untitled

-Phoenix/Edgeworth. Victorian AU. - The Master of Eastlaw by llamaramauk (with Fanart by paintbubbles)


thoroughly fucked - Untitled

-Oh um um. How about... Edgeworth's secretary comes in while Phoenix is under his desk giving oral sex, and she can't actually see? And Phoenix keeps going because Edgeworth is hilarious when embarrassed? Bonus points if the secretary is Hannah - Untitled

-I'd like a University AU!

Young man Phoenix is taking one of the esteemed Professor Edgeworth's classes. Edgeworth takes a somewhat unusual interest in his enthusiastic student and Phoenix has a big fat crush on the handsome lecturer.

Bonus points if Edgeworth is teaching classes on sex and gender; extra bonus points for private appointments about Phoenix's essays. - Measure for Measure by sabinelagrande (Expanded version here)


Some cretinous plebe spills tea on his pants. You decide the plebe. You also decide how they remedy the situation. - Untitled

-Phoenix teaching Edgeworth how to play the piano. - G Minor by llamaramauk (with fanart by shivasan)

-How about a sort of AU scenario where Phoenix actually became an actor? He could be a grand actor in the Shakespearean style (the sort of play Edgeworth would go to see ;P) or a struggling actor ending up in Steel Samurai musicals (again, the sort of play Edgeworth would go to see!) - "The Rest is Silence"

-Phoenix/Edgeworth bondage in that order, buuut the catch is that Miles has to request it of his own will and be super humiliated at himself for wanting it/liking it. Bonus points for Phoenix having no idea what to think of the whole thing. - Untitled



I want THAT dark Phoenix to ravage Edgeworth. Non con on Edgeworth's part, violent masochistic on dark Phoenix's part. Getting saved by Real!Phoenix is optionsl. - Nightmare

-I'd like a Phoenix/Edgeworth or Gumshoe/Edgeworth where the two are most definitely MEN... lengthy descriptions of leg hair, hairy chests, muscles, stubble and grunting. - Untitled

-hurt/comfort involving nightmares, preferably phoenix/edgeworth. I am a simple beast :) - Untitled

-Phoenix and Edgeworth laying in bed naked, discussing life, the universe, and everything. - Untitled and Infinity

-Phoenix/Edgeworth. Wallsex! A Little Interruption by mykaa (Also here)

-Edgey/Phoenix. Edgeworth is a four hundred year old vampire. Play this one out however you will - does Phoenix accidentally find out, or does Miles reveal his secret? Bonus points for Edgey not wanting to turn Phoenix into a vampire, but eventually doing so anyway in order to keep him by his side for eternity. - vi·cis·si·tudes

-um um um um
lksdjflkajdflakjdflakdjflk <333333 - Untitled by darkenedwings

-Anyone for Miles/Phoenix breathplay with Miles topping? - Untitled

-Here's one... language. :D

Edgeworth keeps using complicated foreign phrases in court. Phoenix desperately wanting to show him up but only knows a smattering of French or some such. Bonus points if they continue it into the bedroom (or taxi!) - Untitled by ficcyomens

-Phoenix/Maya (or even Edgeworth/Phoenix/Maya? ;D), awkward!sex: Maya desperately trying to set up Phoenix and Edgeworth. Edgeworth seems to be harboring a crush on Phoenix, so Phoenix ends up having to admit that he actually likes Maya. - Conclusive Evidence

-So tell me, anon, what happens when Phoenix comes to Edgeworth's office to "discuss a case," and is really only there to molest him? Of course, being the busy worker that she is, Hannah is yet again making constant trips to the office, and as always, has no idea what's going on. Poor Hannah by sarahofcroydon

-Phoenix and/or Gumshoe (or hell, anyone you want) are messing around with equipment from the investigation department, specifically a handy gadget (or just a regular blacklight, whatever you want) which reveals unwholesome stains, and they notice "something" strange all over Edgeworth's couch. - Evidence by ficcyomens

-My request is simple: Miles invites Phoenix to his house/apartment/etc. For what reason, you may decide (dinner, casework, whatever). In the middle of whatever it is that they're doing, Wright gets a surprise!boner that refuses to go away. The only way to get rid of it is to relieve it, and Feenie nervously excuses himself to use the bathroom. - Untitled

-How is it that we get to page 14 without a single phonesex request?

Gimme some Phoenix/Edgeworth. You know Phoenix would initiate it. Bonus points if he calls Edgeworth at what equates to 3:00 am in Germany/England/France/wherever overseas Edgeworth is currently staying. - Untitled by ficcyomens

-Phoenix/Edgeworth. In a hotel room, having a romantic night, in the middle of sex. When the bed's vibrate-y setting takes effect, shaking around quite like an earthquake, playing up to Edgey's fears. :3 - Hugging it Out by ficcyomens

-I would like Apollo-centric fic, focus is Echoes From The Past. Finding out something from/out of Nick's past. Maybe hints of some pairing, be it Miles/Nick, Nick/Ema, Nick/Maya, whatever. And if you feel up to it maybe echoing it somehow with Apollo and his someone(open to who you make that) - Echoes From The Past by llamaramauk

-OKAY UM UM. PHOENIX SOMEHOW LOSES HIS MEMORY MID-SEX AND EDGEY-BOY (OR GODOT) JUST KEEPS ON GOING. Feelin' Like the First Time by my_little_edgey (continued here)

-Edgeworth - bad pick up lines. My pairing of choice is Phoenix/Edgeworth, but really, anything goes! - Do You Come Here Often? by llamaramauk

-Phoenix/Edgeworth (cuz we ain't got enough Ukeworth around here...)

...SAFE SEX. - Untitled by oxymoronic3

-I think dancing's pretty hot. I don't care how you do it - disco, waltz, tango, dirty dancing - take your pick.

As long as it's Phoenix/Edgeworth and it ends with making out. Or sex. I like sex. - Instruction


Something based on this fic. Apollo or Trucy runs into a run-down Edgeworth at a bar or a shabby diner, or something of that nature. Edgeworth knows exactly who they are, as he's been following anything he can find that has to do with Phoenix, and he reminisces. He might be slightly drunk, I imagine he's a pretty sad drunk. At least, after that fic, he would be.

If you can work them hooking back up into it, that would be hot too, but dammit, show me Edgeworth's side of things :( - Shades by renabunny42 (illustrated)

-Remember that fic where Maya finds Nick/Edgey RPS?

Remember Hannah?

Hannah and Maya, together, being the best Nick/Edgey fangirls on the planet. Possibly writing RPS together. Nick and Edgeworth walk in on this. :) - Fangirls for JUSTICE by aprilechidna5

-Hobo!Phoenix and Edgeworth have reunion sex or something to the same extent. Apollo catches them but minds his own business, spending the rest of the time trying everything from cheese and crackers to board games in order to keep Trucy occupied and away from that room. - Secrets, Secrets (with sequel)

-Maya manages to blackmail Phoenix into taking her to a con so she can sell her homemade zines. Once there, it turns out Maya is a HUGE BNF, and is well-known for her steamy fanfic. Nick somehow winds up reading one and is highly turned on despite himself. He sneaks off into the restroom...where he runs into Edgeworth. - Samuraicon by sabinelagrande

- If at all possible, my request is something based of the Galatea legend. Any pairing will do, and any of the three myths will do. Just some recent reading of them makes me wish to see a PW spin on it as PW is always on the mind right now thanks to this meme :) - Untitled

-Oh, oh, bad!sex Phoenix/Edgeworth, please!
Edgeworth keeps making strange uncontrollable noises. Phoenix is having trouble reaching full mast. Edgeworth is avoidant and strange and it turns out it's because he's sitting on his keys but he didn't want to ruin the mood. - Untitled 1 and Untitled 2

-This anon is a bit late, but has a request.

Kink is angst. I am dying for P/E angst from Edgey's POV. Smut, internal monologue, whatever...Go ahead. - In Between Days by llamaramauk

-How come we're on page 16 and no one has requested Phoenix/Edgeworth car sex yet??? Come on, anon!!! Bonus points if Hannah's car is parked right next to Edgeworth's and... you know where this is going <3 - Dim Your Headlights

-This'll sound strange, but Phoenix & Edgeworth... crying.

And I mean, like, sobbing, that terrible angst ridden crying where you can't do anything but grieve. There's plenty of potential angst in the series for either men. I'm just craving mega-angst, and I'd like to see how one of our stoic, passionate men does it. >> - Scream Quietly by llamarmauk, Anniversary by dots, and One Last Present

-Edgeworth/Phoenix. Doesn't matter if they were in a relationship beforehand. Edgeworth drives home after a long day of work, gets out of his car, routinely checks the trunk (for dead bodies, you never know), and finds Phoenix bound and gagged. At first he freaks out, and then decides he can have some fun with the situation. - This is not Paperwork by shadowfighter

-Phoenix & Edgeworth ... flirting across the courtroom. - Thoroughly Unprofessional by shadowfighter

-Phoenix/Anyone, I don't care, really.

Your challenge is stuttering, particularly when worked-up~ - Untitled by shadowfighter

-Ema Skye creates a GAYDAR.

You know what to do. - Gaydar Adventures by shadowfighter

-Phoenix/Edgeworth. One dies in the arms of the other from accident/victim of crime/suicide I don't care, just make it unexpected. Make me cry anon. - Hate Me by my_little_edgey, 2-11 by llamaramauk, and Untitled by yubberducky and mykaa

-Phoenix, discovering that Edgeworth has psych-lockage. The secret being that Edgeworth wants to fuck Phoenix from here to next millennium. This is acted upon. Miles tops, and is dominant, although Phoenix has some control, what with having the magatama still in his possession an' all. Not like the other magatama fic here, as they're not already screwing. - Guessing Games by militarypenguin

-hm.....I know~!

<3? <3. - Untitled by shadowfighter

-Phoenix/Edgeworth - Nobody knows they're dating. While making out in a supply closet during a court recess, they notice they're gonna be late and rush to get ready. Upon arriving back in court, they realize they're wearing each other's clothes. - Untitled

-Some childhood moment that Edgeworth remembers, but Phoenix has forgotten about. Fluff is good. - Rhapsody in Blue

-Phoenix/Edgeworth where the two of them aren't in a romantic relationship (yet). Phoenix casually touches Edgeworth (exactly where, how, why and for how long is up to you) and Edgeworth starts to become aroused. Anon can decide what happens after that. :D - Untitled by shadowfighter

-Phoenix and Edgeworth... are DRUNK in COURT. - Untitled (with prequel!) by chaostheory

-Phoenix and Edgeworth... playing chess.

Bonus points for UST and witty snark and lots of innuendo like 'check-mate' - Pinned Piece by shivasan

-I want some seme Phoenix / uke Edgeworth painting on skin. - Artistic License by my_little_edgey

-Phoenix and Edgeworth.

Rocking. - Untitled

-Okay, considering Edgeworth has been killed twice, I demand Edgeworth fluff! Or something non-angsty for the poor bugger! Well, as non-angsty as you can get with him, but you know what I mean... - Speechless by sabinelagrande and Merlot by moxiemuse

-Young Phoenix (from 3-1) and young Edgeworth (from 3-4!), chance encounter in the courthouse reading room. With sex. - A Fine Private Place

-Frottage again! (It's my major kink)

Phoenix/Edgeworth ON Edgeworths car bonnet(hood) in the car park. With orgasm this time. Lots of moaning and groaning and creaming of pants. - A Quick Drive (with fanart)

-Pair: Phoenix/Edgeworth
Prompt: Noisemaking. I don't mean tacky screaming, but breathy moans, stuttering, grunting, growling, sighing, embarrassing noises... neither of them expected the other to be so loud or expressive and it's almost over the top! - Untitled

-So, everyone seems to like to kill Edgeworth?

How about some killing of Phoenix?

Make it ANGSTY as ANGST can be. - Asphalt by mykaa and Broken Apart by chewilicious

-Can I get a fanfic where Edgeworth DOESN'T die?

Specifically, one where someone tries to kill him and PHAILS because he's made of RUFFLES and OBJECTION and he's too badass to be taken down. - Decoy by sabinelagrande (with follow up), Untitled 2 by militarypenguin, Hit Me by my_little_edgey, and That Damn Feeling by mykaa

-Phoenix/Edgeworth (or another pairing if it suits your fancy). Quick sex in an office or some such; they are interrupted by someone (Gumshoe, Maya, Pearl, Larry, WHOEVER) and one of them has to hide. Said interrupter walks in and sees a flushed and disheveled Phoenix or Edgeworth, plus Animal Planet playing on the television, and draws the wrong conclusion. HILARITY ENSUES. - Bad Coverup by serephine

-Edgeworth finds himself horny in court and accidentally yells Erection instead of the usual objection. - Freudian Slip by naive_wanderer

-Phoenix/Edgeworth. Some sort of mind control/possession. Sex is optional. I don't care how you explain it or if, but I will throw out that the magatama opens an ideal door here. Maybe Phoenix secretly has spiritual powers and the magatama throws them out of whack. - The Incident of the Floating Tea Around Brunch

-I'm seeing a lot of Edgeworth as the manly dom, or at least the sassy uke. But Meme-chan, what I really need is confused, sex-dazed Miles. Preferably with Phoenix or Gumshoe, but some Friska would be uberhot as well. - Beating Around the Bush

-Anon wants some phoenix/miles fluff, please?
And anon wants them to end up falling asleep cutely together or something. NOT after sex, not before sex, not inbetween sex. Just something without sex [because as AMAZING as all the stories are here, almost every one of them has it and anon would love to see something different.] - Catnap by voodoobob

-Edgeworth. Phoenix.

One has the chickenpox. One has to deal with it. >P - Untitled by holymoocow

-Phoenix and Edgeworth are high school teachers.

Phoenix teaches drama. Edgeworth is a professor of politics. They sit at desks side by side and debate about which of their subjects is better. And do yard duty. And squabble about the fridge. And flirt. And frot. ;3 - Back To School by shadowfighter

-Phoenix/Edgeworth holding hands for the first time. Please make it fluffy. ♥ - Cold Hand by lostgirlchan

-So, how do you think our favorite lawyers ended up together? I'm sure we've all talked about it at some time or another, but I like and even write fanfics that are pretty far from my ONE TRUE RELATIONSHIP as I see them. - Musings by sabinelagrande

-In that fabulous AU where Gregory didn't die, etc, that everyone knows- and Phoenix and Edgey still go to school together- I hereby request HIGH-SCHOOL LOCKER ROOM MAKE OUT SESSION. - Untitled 1 and Untitled 2 by x_kurisuchinu_x

-I want Edgeworth high as a kite and over the moon at the prospect of seeing Phoenix. - Mission Complete

-OK, so I have a kink for hotels. Kind of like the Gatewater Hotel. Plush carpets, the soothing but tense silence of the swanky corridors, the spotless golden elevators and the sheer luxury of it all. - Lap of Luxury (Part 1) by sabinelagrande

-I'd like to see some Edgeworth/Phoenix, only Phoenix is drunk and Edgeworth is not, and he takes advantage of him in his drunken state. But not in a date-rapey way, and not in a Phoenix drunkenly confesses his love for him way if that make sense. - Lap of Luxury (Part 2) by sabinelagrande


They're out for dinner, but not just at any ol' restaurant. They're at a SUSHI BAR! - Wasabi! by lostgirlchan

-Either Phoenix or Edgeworth...burning to death. - Untitled, Rubber Ducky, and Rigid Fowl by mykaa

-After reading all those fics about Edgeworth getting shot, Anon wants to see Phoenix and/or Edgeworth as a superhero. Preferably a really badass one. <3? - Miracle by voodoobob (with costume designs)

-Phoenix/Miles. One or both masturbating because they get so turned on in the middle of a trial by the other. - Court Fantasy by mykaa

-I want Edgeworth, Phoenix, or both to die.


I want them to be old and happy. They're old men, old men die, they've known it was coming. Untitled

-Phoenix/Edgeworth. Striptease and lapdancing- Phoenix tries to do both with bad and hilarious results, until Edgeworth ends up getting fed up and shows him how it's done like a pro. The more descriptive, the better, and it'd be rad if it ended with some hot sex. :D - Untitled

-Anon would like Miles and Phoenix doing something norty in a public or semi-public place where there is the possibility of being seen or being discovered at any moment (and not just by Hannah, but by random members of the public). - In Case of Emergency (with follow up)

-You know what's hot? Being woken up with oral sex. No really, it is! I do believe Edgeworth deserves to be woken up with a blow job from the partner of your choice! - Wake Up Kiss

-Phoenix/Miles... of a different sort.

Edgeworth finally works up the courage to admit his feeling. Phoenix lets him down as kindly as possible because he's not gay.

"Uh, yeah, um... Edgeworth? Everything I've done that seemed MIND-BLOWINGLY HOMOSEXUAL for you? Yeah, I didn't mean it like that..." - Untitled

-Phoenix/Edgeworth (and whoever else you like, Larry & Maya?)... playing darkzone. - Untitled

-I want Phoenix/Edgeworth getting married! - Jitters

-This anon would like to see a traditional deflowering, geisha style... I don't mind who it's with, het, homo, whatever. :D - No-Dance Ryuu by themodestotter

-Edgeworth/Wright, hurried work quickie, using lip gloss as a lubricant. Has to be Wright's, HAS to be an embarrassing flavor like cherry cola or bubble gum. The whole encounter smells like a prepubescent girl's makeup case. Either a disgruntled turn on or distracting. - Untitled

-EdgeyNick. Edgeworth rp's as a burglar into the office, though Nick doesn't know it's him. Nick is scared and crying. You remember the quote from 3-2. - Knight in the Frilly Cravat

-More fluffy than kinky, but hey, I thought I'd give this a go! anything cute involving Edgeworth and Phoenix as kids would be great, but I have this adorable image in my head of them sharing an umbrella while walking to school... any takers? - Rainy Days and Rainbows by llamaramauk

-I'd like to see a Phoenix/Edgeworth holiday fic. :x Christmas, Thanksgiving or both...fluff or smut...anon's choice. - Of Hot Chocolate by valorously

-Anonymous would really really love some Phoenix x Edgey with past Manfred x Edgey like so-- PxE are having sex for the first time, Miles is a little nervous about it but insists on going ahead, and then starts getting all PTSD as he remembers past molestation by Von Karma. Phoenix attempts damage control. Anonymous likes happy endings, but hopes this would be less white-knight romantic and more dark/disturbing. - Close Your Eyes by llamaramauk

-So possibly Maya channeling Phoenix or Miles? Maybe she's been having a "deep and meaningful" with the other half and the deceased butts in. - Untitled

-Phoenix sings possibly the lamest, sappiest love song ever when Maya drags him and Miles out to karaoke one night. Seriously, like ... "You're The Inspiration" levels of lame. Take that and run with it, make it as sappy as it gets. - Pour Some Sugar On Me by guardiansaiyoko

-You know how Nick became a lawyer so he could see Edgey again? Well, I want that still, but... different.

I want Nick to pursue him through music. Preferably classical, Nick working his way through being a back violin, cello, trumpet, whatever, to become the First, in some prestigious orchestra, to get the attention of the conductor, who happens to be a long lost friend that inspired him into music. Or Edgey could be another First, something along those lines. And how, together, they make a harmonic connection that everyone can hear. <3 - Flawed Perfection

-Love letters, anyone? <3
They can be as smutty or fluffy as you like. ^_^ I'll take any pairing, but Pheonix/Edgeworth for preferance, because I'm cliche like that. - Torn Heart

-Phoenix/Edgeworth (or Klavier/Apollo, I suspect they'll be the next P/E...)

Unexpected Nakedness. - Untitled

-I'm in a strange mood or something, but I'd like something surrounding the theme reverence. - Reverence

-Phoenix is somehow turned into a cat and doesn't know how to change back.

It turns out that only Edgeworth's kiss can break the spell. :) - Untitled

-StripedThighSocks!Edgeworth. Can be with anyone, preferably Phoenix. - Untitled

-phoenix/miles, beauty and the beast. crack is obviously not only welcome but maybe even preferred - Phractured Phairytales (Read by sabinelagrande for gyakuten_podfic; with art)

-Anon wants rimming. Preferably with Phoenix/Edgeworth though would accept Phoenix/Godot. Do not care whose salad is tossed, just as long as they've washed beforehand. - Taste

-Since the dawn of the internets, it has been used for two main things. Porn, and looking at kittens.
I have a lovely visual, but I think a story would be awesome. The porn is optional, as they are CATS. - Of Winter and Ruffles

-Phoenix and Miles discover that... they're BOTH pregnant. I don't know, Ema's miracle impotency cure was left on a counter, and a little TOO effective? Or, we all know the magatama is responsible for ALL SORTS of kinks.

Obviously, Miles is carrying Phoenix's baby, and Phoenix is carrying Miles's baby. Nine Months to Work It Out by mitsujutsu

-I've always wanted to know what's going on in this picture.

Bonus points for sex with lots of tender caressing. - Courthouse Tango

-Edgeworth/Phoenix or vice versa.

I want masturbation. Specifically, I want one to openly watch the other masturbate.

More specifically, I want the watching party to ask the masturbating party to masturbate for him. - Untitled

-Ok peeps! I'd like Phoenix & Edgeworth in an onsen, traditional Japanese bath. - Bath Time

-TRUTH OR DARE. As funny and crazy as possible. (Sweet and serious moments are good too though.) Mega bonus points for Phoenix/Edgeworth. - Untitled

-Phoenix/Miles - tickle torture - Aggressive Negotiations by petethedementor

-Phoenix/Edgeworth. Masturbation as performance. A sweet, private bedroom show. ♥ Anon may decide who's performing for who. Perhaps they both are! Knock yourself out, Anon. - Play the Game

-Edgeworth/Phoenix - switching, and they're in a place that anyone could enter at any minute - and must finish before getting caught.

To make matter worse, one of them is VERY noisy, and must be gagged. - depositing evidence


-Damon Gant/Jake Marshall. Jake walks in to find Gant in a gold bikini on the floor. Points for organ-sex and Jake making Gant his woman. - Untitled by zarla

-Gant/Edgeworth, Gnat gets bored and decides to invite Worthy to his office for some serious RAEP TEIM.

Bonus points for if Gant leaves his office doors unlocked and if someone walks in. - RAEP TEIM by sabinelagrande

-Gant/Edgeworth. Edgeworth has just become a prosecutor (or is just about to), and the detective decides to give him a special tour. - Office Tour

-Gant. Gunplay. With whoever you like - con or non-con. - Dying to Try Me by my_little_edgey

-Hot n' heavy Gant x von Karma, with von Karma being an aggressive bottom. Teenage!Miles watches in horrified arousal, maybe even quietly masturbates to it (and feels guilty and dirty about it!) - Untitled

-judge-sex please! (any pairing, judge on judge, judge on phoenix, etc. Only judge has to be bottom) - Untitled by zarla

-Gant/Edgeworth, completely non-con. - Sorry For The Hangover

-Richard Wellington. And a banana. Yup. That's it. - Untitled


-Teenage or grown-up Miles finding out about Karma/Gregory. I don't care how he finds out, or who was topping back in the old days. - Untitled by zarla

-Gregory/Von Karma hatesex. Gregory's the one in charge, and he's completely smug about it. - Untitled by zarla



It's winter, and it's cold. One of them [either one] is absolutely freezing, so the other one helps warm them up. - Untitled by fontanella and Sharing


Something about how Godot sees Mia's spirit in Phoenix. Slash ensues! - Untitled


Uhm. Back muscles make my cock really hard. Preferably Godot's back muscles. Perhaps Godot is sleeping on his side and Edgeworth has a perfectly delicious view? - Sexy Back?

-Godot/Phoenix, spanking, possibly rimming. - Shall I teach you a lesson?

-Atmey/Godot or Godot/Atmey or anything involving the two. Don't really have any specific kink in mind besides magnificent bastards being magnificent bastards. Bonus points for a metaphor-off. - The Skill Flamboyance by pyrasaur

-Godot/Furio Tigre.

Based off of the quote by Godot (right before Tigre took the stand): "I even tamed him for you. It was a 3 cup job." - Untitled

-Dom!Godot/Phoenix. I don't want Godot to be verbally abusive or anything, but I want him to let Phoenix know very, very clearly who tops. Tying Phoenix up is fine, as is the use of toys. I'd prefer Phoenix be unwilling - at first. Yes, Godot's so focused on Phoenix not out of anger, but out of the discomfitting fledgling desire to drill him, because he considered himself strictly hetero before... - Temporary Relief

-godot x edgeworth, watersports - Untitled by impure_impulse

-Phoenix's reaction to Godot taking off his mask, most likely in an intimate setting, bonus points for awwww over how Godot has to trust him a lot to do that because he's basically blind without it. - In The Dark by zarla

-Godot/Diego, maybe based off this? (http://www.drdowasure.com/images/phoenixwright/Mattselfwhat.JPG) but whatever anon wants. Pic or fic. thx~ - Make Oneself


Godot has a lollypop - Untitled


-Klavier/Apollo, sex to music. - Mr. Mousey and mocking birds by renabunny42

-Klavier/Apollo, accidental stimulation, abduction. - Ende gut, alles gut by renabunny42

-This anon would like more Klavier/Apollo. Any kind, any situation, smut or not, but just because it is not represented enough in this meme. - Schwarz by renabunny42

-Either Garyuucest (GOIN TAH HELL =D), Klavier/Apollo or Klavier Nick with SEX/FROTTAGE ON A MOTORBIKE. - vierzehn Tage² by renabunny42

-Why hasn't anyone mentioned Phoenix Wright/Revolutionary Girl Utena crossover? GO WILD PEOPLE. - Objectionable Boy Apollo


-Something AU with Matt/Juan, except they're both male models and both really stupid. Think Zoolander here. - Untitled

-hhhhuuuuuuuueeeeeeyyyyy - Say My Name by sabinelagrande

-NEEDS MOAR MATT/JUAN. Matt preferably bottoming. Angry, rival hatesex. - In Which Matt Engarde Is Taken Down a Few Pegs by zarla, In Which Matt Engarde Is Taken Up a Few Pegs by parasuns, In Which Matt Engarde Should Shut His Whore Mouth by zarla, and Juan Is More of a Whore by parasuns

-You intrigue me, anon.

Give me a bit. - You Call That a Hate Meme? by zarla

-Matt Engarde hires someone to kidnap Juan instead of kill him. Obviously Matt gets off on power and control. When Juan is brought, blindfolded, to previously arranged location (Matt's Mansion maybe?), Matt jumps on him immediately.
Anon wants non-con on the part of Juan, but when he realizes it's Matt, he secretly is okay with it, although he won't show it. - Untitled by renodakotaxx


-Gumshoe and Edgeworth alternative universe...

Gumshoe is a stable boy to the Edgeworth estate, managing Edgey's horses and carriages. Edgeworth, of course, is a proud noble of the 18th century (Pride and Prejudice style~!). Gumshoe thinks he'll never be noticed by such a gentleman, the man who he's devoted his life's service to, but little does he know... - Untitled

-I have only two things for you, anon:


-um Edgeworth/Gumshoe anybody?

kink? dirty talk. >:3 - Tell Me by sabinelagrande

-Gumshoe and Edgeworth with Edgeworth in charge, in Edgeworth's office, fast and unromantic. - Just a Quickie by zarla

-Gumshoe & Edgeworth - roleplaying. - Untitled


-Larry teaching Phoenix how to drive! LARRY TEACHING PHOENIX HOW TO DRIVE! - Untitled by sarahofcroydon

-Phoenix and Larry...
Kink? DDR, of course! :D - Stomp To My Beat by zarla


-post game 4 Apollo/Kristoph. in a dream. other than that, go nuts. - Adonis vernalis, Mentha longifolia, Lonicera ciliosa by renabunny42

-Kristoph and manicures. - Pink Frilly Dresses by mykaa


-Anon would love some HoboPhoenix/Apollo fluffy smut involving frottage! - Untitled

-Nick/Apollo. STRIP POKER. - Obligations


-Edgeworth/Bellboy, prostitution (oh COME ON, you can't believe he came all that way just for tea service!) - Untitled by benightedfate

-Will/Jack, experimenting with different positions and Will topping, but it's really awkward and weird and Will's not good at it at all. - Untitled by thedevilchicken

-Somebody scrutinizing, analyzing, watching Edgeworth. Von Karma seeing how Edgeworth is following in his footsteps/disapproving of young!Edgeworth. (Why is he crying, that sorta thing.) Phoenix seeing how Edgeworth has changed/how different he seems 1-4? ETC. ETC. :D Stoic/angsty Edgeworth is a plus! - Cuckoo by llamaramauk

-Luke Atmey(Aiga Hoshiidake) x anyone, Anything. Anything damnit. Why is there none of him? :( - Untitled by zarla

-Max/Ben - questionable consentuality, BDSM, humiliation (sex in front of a mirror, dirty talking/forced silence, etc) - Untitled by zarla

-I don't need smut, or any particular kink, I just need some Edgeworth/Larry - friend is a Four Letter Word by renabunny42

-Wocky/Apollo (Odoroki/Takita.) (No, really.), first kiss. An Entr'acte in Five Movements by renabunny42

-Matt x Edgey (lol i betcha can't guess)
Aaand I want them to be doing some sort of fluff (O:!!). Whenever I draw them, it turns our Edgey's not wanting anything from Matt. >A<;; - Backstage by zarla

-judgecest fluff - Untitled

-Gregory Edgeworth/Phoenix AU where Gregory doesn't die and Phoenix is about 16. "Edgey's dad has got it goin' on" - Untitled

-Miles Edgeworth/ Furio Tigre. Mistaken Identity. YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT, BABY! - Reluctantly... by zarla

-Diego/Young Miles. Accidental stimulation. - A Most Scenic River by pyrasaur

-Either Garyuucest (GOIN TAH HELL =D), Klavier/Apollo or Klavier Nick with SEX/FROTTAGE ON A MOTORBIKE. - Pulse by renabunny42

-What is going on in this picture (http://www.gachimuchi.com/ganglion/other/karumitsu07.html)? I mean, the pairing is quite obvious, but what's being said?
If you're not inclined towards that, I can has Manfred/Miles (any age) which *doesn't* involve abuse/rape/degrading treatment? These two SLAM my kink buttons down so hard because they're both so pretty and they have the creepiest relationship; surely von Karma betraying the hell out of Miles' trust by using it for sex (for his own pleasure or to try and control Edgey) is enough. Let's call the kink "Judas Kiss", if it has to have a name. - Forget Me Not

-Jake and Neil. Incest. Sex...with a cactus. - Brother by renabunny42
29th-Nov-2007 12:32 am (UTC)
And I was being stupid and confused, 'Hey where did all the PxE go?' Then I scrolled up and down three times before I noticed the link... *smack head* All those sleeps degraded my brain functions...

Um... so well... on other note... I wrote... um Cold Hand. Hee hee... and A Dog's Adventure... um... (and I probably should have put it on the other page, but I'm being lazy... XD *runs*)

Thanks for all your hard work!
(Deleted comment)
29th-Nov-2007 12:58 am (UTC)
Sweet! Yay for slash only lolz :P

Few things I noticed. yubberducky is misspelled on the co-fic and my name is misspelled on Asphalt ^^'
29th-Nov-2007 03:14 am (UTC)
Me too, on Bad Coverup =D
29th-Nov-2007 07:51 am (UTC)
It took me like 5 scrolldowns to find this... XD Wow, the PW fandom loves it's slash, huh?
(Deleted comment)
30th-Nov-2007 07:09 pm (UTC)
<3? <3

Was the most beautiful piece of literature I think I've ever read.
(Deleted comment)
1st-Dec-2007 05:35 am (UTC)
This meme, man, it's eatin my brainz.

I'm the one who wrote Miracle. And it is only a PART of the RELENTLESS ONSLAUGHT of inspiration that one damn prompt gave me. The rest of it may have to go on gyakuten_saiban when I even get to writing it because HOLY SHIT, EPIC?
8th-Dec-2007 12:33 pm (UTC)
Just read that and it rocked, although I got more of a Jack Harkness vibe than a Heroes one. Maybe they can take it in turns to shoot him in the head :)
3rd-Dec-2007 02:56 am (UTC)
I guess I'll have to take responsibility for the bad striptease/lapdance fic. xD;; (And, um, you kind of linked it back to this post instead of the actual fic, just FYI. ^^b)
3rd-Dec-2007 03:14 am (UTC)
And that would be under the Phoenix/Edgeworth category, sorry. >__<;
5th-Dec-2007 08:17 am (UTC)
(Hurr, try commenting in the right place, Pyres.)

Oh, to be Cleopatra! I wrote A Most Scenic River, because there is nowhere NEAR enough Diego/Edgeworth on this meme.

And I prompted the Gumshoe/Mia, I heart you lots Sabine~!
6th-Dec-2007 03:00 am (UTC)
Just so you know, I almost went into a sugar coma writing that fic, never to recover.

...But now I think I ship them.
5th-Dec-2007 10:55 am (UTC)
I will be honest, I wrote Anniversary -- Phoenix/Edgeworth, prompt being crying. It is the first fanfic I have written in forever and a day so I'm hoping it wasn't terrible. I have one or two others floating around there, but Anniversary is the least embarrassing.
6th-Dec-2007 03:55 am (UTC)
:D Hey hey~ Just swinging by to just say that I was the one that did the chicken pox drabble...a sequel of sorts is in the works, but I'm debating if there should be smut or fluff. '3'

8th-Dec-2007 12:31 pm (UTC)
Definitely fluff. Adults with chicken pox = not hawt or in the mood.

Oh I have some weird but funny memories. Sometimes I think parts of my life were written by a professional comedian.
7th-Dec-2007 07:49 am (UTC)
Since OP asked nicely~

I wrote Of Hot Chocolate. (I still can't believe I wrote Phoenix Wright fic. And that I got a Christmas story done in a timely manner :X)
8th-Dec-2007 12:32 pm (UTC)
And it was lovely fluff!
11th-Dec-2007 05:00 am (UTC)
The remaining ones:

I claim Court Fantasy, Rigid Fowl (the other evil fic), and Pink Frilly Dresses which was meant to be more Gen and hinted Klavier/Apollo ^^'
14th-Dec-2007 04:41 am (UTC)
Oh. I wrote That Damn Feeling as well... I actually forgot about that one... *epic fail*
14th-Dec-2007 06:56 am (UTC)
Oh, geez, what all have I written in the last week? Insomnia daze and finals lead to writing.

Let's see... I wrote Pour Some Sugar On Me, Plead Insanity (kinda slash?) and 37th Floor, and not!slash (because it's very late and I've been sleeping about as much as Edgeworth recently and I don't really wanna jump to the not-slash right now) I wrote Oh Maya, Velocibreasts, and the not-so-anonymous Actual Beds. My this meme is addictive. Wait, Actual Beds is slash.

Gah, I need sleep.
14th-Dec-2007 08:55 pm (UTC)
The links are going all buggery again. :(
14th-Dec-2007 10:09 pm (UTC)
Eff. I'll have a look at it when I update tonight.
29th-Dec-2007 08:18 pm (UTC)
And to go along with the post for the other section, might as well admit to what I wrote here too.

I wrote the Jake/Gant fic, which made me giggle way too hard. And the Gant/Judge hot tub fic. I wrote both the Von Karma/Gregory fics. Also did the Phoenix/Godot In the Dark fic, the Juan parts of the In Which Matt Engarde... series, You Call This a Hate Meme?, the Just a Quickie Edgeworth/Gumshoe, the Phoenix/Larry DDR fic, the Luke/Ron fic, the Max/Ben fic (which came out way more disturbing than anything in this fandom should ever be), the Matt/Edgeworth one, and the Edgeworth/Zenitora one. I mean, Tigre.

30th-Dec-2007 08:12 am (UTC)
Oh lawd Zarla, you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind, oh Zarla~

The Max/Ben one blew me away. I'm not kidding. I can't believe that was you. Well, I CAN, but it's DIFFERENT to be like "OMG I KNOW THAT PERSON"

It was seriously amazing stuff, though. D:
30th-Dec-2007 08:21 pm (UTC)
I'm going to have to come out and... um... claim the Matt/Juan kidnapping one.

It's the first thing I've ever written for anything, and it was terribly rushed. ):
1st-Jan-2008 01:29 am (UTC)
I suppose...I'll come out and claim the second Phoenix/Edgeworth high school locker room make out session~ [Which reminds me that I still haven't finished it, arrrrrgh.]


2nd-Jan-2008 07:52 am (UTC)
... Perhaps someone should take this over and finish it off since Sabine's gone? I'd do it if no one else wants to.
2nd-Jan-2008 07:18 pm (UTC)
Tell you what- there's a slim chance I'll be getting internet back in about two weeks, but if I'm not, I'll email you the source files for both the lists.
3rd-Jan-2008 05:52 am (UTC)
Also, since it's so blatantly obvious by it being posted on my LJ rather than the Meme (4000-character limit in comments when your style runs to TLDR - NOT COOL), I'm the one doing the von Karma/jailbait!Miles prompt over on page 2. I'll get it finished soon, I promise, OP.
10th-Feb-2008 10:54 pm (UTC)
... though it's a prompt over on part 1 (page 2, I think), XD.
4th-Jan-2008 04:50 am (UTC)
ficthatisnowtitled Mr. Mousey and mocking birds (meme, journal), An Entr'acte in Five Movements (meme, journal), Ende gut, alles gut (meme, journal), friend is a Four Letter Word (meme, journal), Shades (meme, journal), Adonis vernalis, Mentha longifolia, Lonicera ciliosa (meme, journal), vierzehn Tage² (meme, journal), Schwarz (meme, journal), Brother (meme, journal), Pulse (meme, journal) are all mine.

again, lj = renabunny42, and my writing journal is soupmix over at InsaneJournal
12th-Feb-2008 06:48 pm (UTC)
I'll take the blame for my fic, Aggressive Negotiations.
20th-Feb-2008 05:33 am (UTC)
I actually had no idea I was listed for all my fics on kink the first. I posted something, but I deleted it pretty quick ^^;

Anyway, Feelin' Like the First Time is continued at my journal: http://my-little-edgey.livejournal.com/1401.html#cutid1
9th-Dec-2009 08:44 am (UTC)
So...I'm new to this LJ kink meme thing, and I wanted to ask: If I filled out a request thats like, old old (the OP posted it years ago and its in part 1 but now we're way pass that) do I fill the request with a simple reply? Or do I post up the request and response in the newest 'part'?
9th-Dec-2009 02:22 pm (UTC)
Generally speaking, if the post is full, you should post your response in the latest part. If it's not, just reply to the comment. You may want to wait, though, because LJ comment notifications are broken right now, so anon_press (who take care of the archiving now) are having a bitch of a time finding comments on old entries.
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