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The Earth-Noise Intervene
Let's just stay in here and ignore what sounds like too much plot outside
Fic Roundup: 2012 
1st-Jan-2013 11:24 am
marvel - purple barton
For previous years, see the fic roundup tag.

Dark Shadows (1966)

Old Midnight Knows It Too (Elizabeth/Jason McGuire, Explicit, 1007 words)
Look, I think we all knew I was going to write Liz/Jason from the moment I saw Dark Shadows, and that it would be dubcon.

Rolling Boil (Elizabeth/Jason McGuire, Explicit, 985 words)
And also hatesex.


she's got the look (Ariadne/Eames, Explicit, 1360 words)
This story was on my couch for ten forevers, but I finally finished it this year. So much love still for this pairing.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Oversight (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 564 words)
The story that started my slow decline into madness. [personal profile] dizmo's fault.

Clean and Jerk (Clint/Coulson, General Audiences, 531 words)
Still [personal profile] dizmo's fault, because we were talking about Jeremy Renner's arms, and, well.

Canon (Clint/Coulson, General Audiences, 2244 words)
This was a silly little thing about RPF, and then Coulson "died", and I ripped my heart out and threw it at the paper. As one does.

Sixteen Percent Milkfat By Volume (Clint/Coulson, General Audiences, 2329 words)
This is one of the silliest, fluffiest things I've ever done. We do love us some fluff around here. Fun fact: my second story to make it to 100 kudos.

Barbs (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 2112 words)
Someone made a request at [tumblr.com profile] fuckyeahclintcoulson, and lo, this was brought forth. Because I am silly.

this strange and mournful day (Clint/Coulson, General Audiences, 1407 words)
I wrote this almost immediately after I heard the news. Because FUCK some of character death.

not gonna let 'em catch the midnight rider (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 3006 words)
Ahh, roadtrip sex. We do love us some.

see my light come shining (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 2376 words)
This is easily one of the saddest things I have ever written. Lifestyle D/s + character death = a sad.

Out of Touch (With the Rhythm and Blues) (Clint/Coulson, General Audiences, 767 words)
Don't read this one. I hate Clint in this one. Everything else can stay.

Tattoos, and Other Poor Choices (Clint/Coulson, Teen, 2063 words)
Never get a marriage tattoo, man. They're bad fucking luck.

The Education of Steve Rogers (Steve/Clint, Steve/Natasha, Steve/Tony, Steve/Thor, Explicit, 1437 words)
Sometimes I just really love supposedly naive characters nailing everyone behind everybody's backs. So there you go.

Arranged for Strings (Pepper/Tony, Clint/Coulson, General Audiences, 682 words)
I wrote this pretty much immediately after I got back from the theater. Because SAD.

Preferential (Clint/Coulson, General Audiences, 1845 words)
And already we have the fix-its.

wondered how tomorrow could ever follow today (Clint/Coulson, Mature, 2723 words)
We love road trips of sadness.

where the rainbow hits the ground (Loki/Sif, Explicit, 1597 words)
And then [personal profile] coffeesuperhero watched Thor, like, until we literally could not count how many times we had seen it, and we ended up with an OTP, because THEY LOOKED AT EACH OTHER YOU GUYS.

Now (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 999 words)
A little sexy sex. As one does.

All That You Know (Gen, General Audiences, 887 words)
Natasha Romanov, Good Bro.

The Ones Worth Telling (Clint/Coulson, Natasha/JARVIS, Explicit, 3004 words)
I'm not a technophile and I don't know why you think I am.

One Cup to the Dead Already (Clint/Coulson, Teen, 2055 words)
I love this weird little story. Because fuck yeah, Night Nurse.

Enough To Go Around (Tony/Pepper/Coulson/Clint/Steve, Explicit, 10749 words)
I had no idea this story was going to explode like it did. I was planning to lock it to the Archive for reasons, but in like three days it had 200 kudos, and I was like, welp, cat's out of the bag now.

Humane (Gen, Teen, 1554 words)
I swear this made more sense at the time.

Know My Own Bed (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 6485 words)
I actually have a fic with merchandising. Thankks for visit Latveria!

Unsquare Dance (Everyone/Everyone, Explicit, 2147 words)
Sometimes I find naive Steve hilarious, but when Steve is naive but a Good Bro, that is my favorite.

The Nesting Habits of the Wild North American Barton (Clint/Coulson, General Audiences, 2934 words)
I have no idea why this story is so popular, but I do like it.

Tell Me About Phil (Clint/Coulson, Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 12562 words)
I love me the actual fuck out of this story. Sometimes you come up with something and it flows freely from your hands like you were supposed to tell it all along. This is that story.

Frostbite and Sunstroke (Loki/Sif, Explicit, 1221 words)
First story for my [community profile] kink_bingo blackout!

Very Fine (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 1009 words)
For [personal profile] shadowen. Nekkidity and comic books are a dangerous combination, but we'll allow it.

seal upon your arm (Phil/Steve, Explicit, 805 words)
It's kind of hero worship and the opposite of hero worship at the same time.

Sync (Tony/Mark VI, Explicit, 1508 words)
Ahahahaha scratch what I said about technophiles.

drew a bad card (Clint/Coulson, General Audiences, 1181 words)
And sometimes you write pure, straight-up wish fulfillment.

Have a Good Time (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 1500 words)
I have such a thing for the dirty old man trope, idek.

Like the Tide (Clint/Natasha/Coulson, Explicit, 1384 words)
More sexy sex.

if you clock me, you got me (Tony/Natasha, Explicit, 1803 words)
Crossdressing and fucking in limos: always a good time.

Prescribed Dose (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 3510 words)
This story, it's hard to articulate why a kink like this is appealing, but I think I did a pretty decent job.

you're the head on the spear (Loki/Sif, Explicit, 1293 words)
I love me the ACTUAL FUCK out of evil!Sif.

you're so damn hot (Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 1632 words)
A kink I had never written, if you can believe it!

most motherfuckers have a cold-ass stare (Loki/Clint, Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 1074 words)
In my black heart I love Loki/Clint, because I am a bad person.

money on my mind (Phil/Natasha, Explicit, 1576 words)
For [archiveofourown.org profile] JeziBelle. Because deep cover is sexy, and so is Phil/Nat, unf.

The Bare Necessities (Steve/Phil, Mature, 1190 words)
IDK, the idea of smooth sexy Steve appeals to me.

near to love (as love will ever be) (Tony/Pepper, Teen, 553 words)
I'd been wanting to write something about the arc reactor forever, so here it is.

Far More (Everyone/Everyone, Explicit, 2189 words)
The sequel to Unsquare Dance. Because what you really need in your life is Tony getting it from Volstagg, even if you didn't know before now that's what you needed.

Uncle (Steve/Phil, Teen, 1081 words)
Fluffy silly tickling. Because we like to cast as wide a net as possible around here.

any way you look at it, you lose (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 3657 words)
Lord this is a sad story. All about some sad stories this year.

The Great Avengers Challenge (Tony/Hulk, Tony/Bruce, Explicit, 1688 words)
No idea what possessed me to write this. Wrote it anyway.

All In (Clint/Tony/Pepper/Steve, Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 2621 words)
EVERYONE is poly because Avengers- a tag that is now canonical at the AO3 because of me!

Make It Hurt (Loki/Sif, Explicit, 1878 words)
I wrote this, and then stalled out on it forever. But lo, it was brought forth.

Mmph (Steve/Phil, Explicit, 1521 words)
Om nom nom nom nom.

cut me my share (Natasha/Loki, Explicit, 1049 words)
There were weeks between starting and finishing this story, because it Has Issues. But, here we are.

The Greatest of Ease (Gen, General Audiences, 648 words)
Written solely because I wanted a fill for KB that wasn't sexual. But I like it anyway.

Zen is When (Tony/Bruce, Explicit, 982 words)
For [archiveofourown.org profile] JeziBelle, on the occasion of her birth. Meditative bondage = very yes.

Gleam (Maria/Natasha, Maria/Fury, Explicit, 1652 words)
Took me forever to come up with something for the leather square. Think I did a fine job.

Foxy Boxing (Tony/OFC, Explicit, 1911 words)
Ahahaha oh Tony and Zela. S'up self insert. Wrote this completely as a present to myself for blacking out at KB.

Skin (Phil/Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 1349 words)
This was in my brain for a long time. I like how it turned out.

it only hurts when I laugh (Natasha/Anton Vanko, Mature, 544 words)
Your guess is as good as mine, but I really like it.

Use Your Words (Steve/Phil, Explicit, 1000 words)
Sexy sexy sex.

Lay Hands On Me (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 1663 words)
We do love us some dominant masochists around here.

Mint In Box (Steve/Phil, Mature, 6465 words)
Oh, I love this story. Sometimes you think of an idea and then it comes out EXACTLY like you envisioned it. This is one of those times.

you are coming down with me (Loki/Sif, Teen, 2265 words)
Still love me some evil!Sif.

Calm and Collected (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 3793 words)
Written just because I was frustrated by how little D/s there was in this pairing (comparatively) that I didn't write.

Senatorial Harbor, Indemnity, Embankment, and Lightsaber Defense (Clint/Coulson, Teen, 10373 words)
For [personal profile] coffeesuperhero at avengersfest. For MONTHS I hid this story from her. She had no idea until the day of reveals. It amused me to no end.

Sing Out Strong (Loki/Sif, Teen, 797 words)
IDK, some little thing I found.

Little (Steve/Phil, General Audiences, 1420 words)

It's On (Loki/Sif, Explicit, 1136 words)
For [personal profile] coffeesuperhero at Mischief and Mistletoe. We modded this challenge, so she knew I was writing for her; at the time, though, she didn't know I'd written the story above. It made everything ten times more hilarious.

The Case of the Diamond Hammer (Loki/Sif, General Audiences, 1526 words)
A little last-minute pinch hit at Mischief and Mistletoe for [archiveofourown.org profile] margo_kim. I don't rightly know if there's more of this, but I feel like there should be.

With [personal profile] coffeesuperhero

raiders of the lost leather pants (Clint/Coulson, Steve/Tony, Mature, 2079 words)
Honestly, she wrote almost all of this, and I swang by at the end and put my name on the card.

The Stark Guide™ to Mission Reports (Clint/Coulson, Steve/Bucky, Steve/Tony, General Audiences, 1025 words)
We have absolutely NO idea why this was so popular. None at all.



The Seven Labors of Phil Coulson (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 6353 words)
This is the crackiest crack that ever cracked across the intercrack.

The Joy of Submission, by Tony Stark (Tony/Pepper, Explicit, 3227 words)
And yet somehow it spawned this whole other thing- it was there from the beginning, but it went into this file and was mostly forgotten until this thing sort of rolled out.

James Rhodes's Rules of Order (Tony+Rhodey, Tony/OC, Tony/Pepper, Teen, 4321 words)
And because I just can't get enough Tony, ever, we had to have James Rhodes, Good Bro, to go with him.

Home Maintenance: A Maria Hill Guide (Fury/Maria, Explicit, 1348 words)
And this is just shameless porn, because I love me the actual fuck out of some Fury/Maria.

temple of bondage

the temple of bondage (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 14327 words)
This only got this name because it was the second in a planned trilogy of unrelated stories with raiders of the lost leather pants. But it stuck when I expanded it. Truly this story has no rhyme nor reason.

return to the temple (Clint/Coulson, Explicit, 1426 words)
And this is just porn.

Concerning Philippa

you don't feel you could love me (but I feel you could) (Steve/Phil, Teen, 3793 words)
This started as a story about Phil's big tits? And then it was a title in a gdoc with nothing under it for a long time? IDK. What it turned out as is better.

why don't we get together (Steve/Phil, Explicit, 5681 words, WIP)
You know I can't leave well enough alone. This is actually maybe 3k words from finished, though.

Buy War Bonds (Steve/Phil, Explicit, 3050 words)
Everybody likes porn and dress-up.

Marvel One-Shots
Just the file for all the random bits from the tumblr. As one does.

Volume 1 (Various pairings/ratings, 16792 words)
Volume 2 (Various pairings/ratings, 5070 words)


Sated (Michael Fassbender/Jennifer Lawrence, Explicit, 548 words)
Why did I think this was a good idea?

her body's the answer (Michael Fassbender/Jennifer Lawrence, Explicit, 2310 words)
I went into some Lawrence fugue and nothing seemed to matter.

Stargate Atlantis

Balcony Scene (Caldwell/John, Explicit, 498 words)
For [personal profile] gaffsie in some prompt thing or another. All of us could use some hard fucking on a balcony.

LBD (John/Rodney, Explicit, 2882 words)
For Porn Battle, because we were going severely underrepresented and someone had to carry the flag, goddammit.

Blow Up Your TV (John/Ronon/Teyla, General Audiences, 1671 words)
This story is so near and dear to my heart. It lived in my head pretty much ever since I saw Vegas, which is an episode I near about can't stand. Somehow John Prine and my need to fix ALL THE THINGS collided into something I really like a lot. Also, the story that put me over 900k words! \o/

Ultimate Spiderman (Cartoon)

Momentary (Luke/Danny, General Audiences, 560 words)

X-Men Movieverse

Play In Three Acts (Charles/Erik/Raven, Explicit, 5424 words)
For [personal profile] cesare, because bitching about stupid tropes led to lots and lots of hot sex.

Niche (Magneto/Mystique, Explicit, 412 words)
I really need me some more Erik/Mystique, lovers through the ages.

The Missing Years (Erik/Charles, Erik/Mystique, Mystique/Azazel, Erik/Magda, Explicit, 8141 words)
Lord this is a sad story. WHAT DID I TELL YOU. But at least it has a happy ending.

Just Keep Watch (Charles/Raven, Explicit, 2729 words)
We do love us some dirtybadwrong.

Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me (Charles/Raven, Explicit, 2353 words)
Also drunk!fic, we like drunk!fic too, esp. when it's Charles Xavier.

Cant (Erik/Charles, General Audiences, 34 words)
Because I just really needed Polari fic in my life, and I know just enough to be dangerous.

Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk (Charles/Raven, Teen, 156 words)
For [profile] pearlo, because smoking and late nights.

Blot (Erik/Charles, Explicit, 2107 words)
IDKWTF this story is, still.

Brown Derby Jump (Erik/Charles/Raven, Explicit, 6898 words)
For the Porn Battle. Because we love us the hell out of a good AU with sexy dancing.

cry to your heart's own beat (Charles/Erik, Explicit, 1604 words)
So the weird backstory of this one is that I dreamt I read it and that [personal profile] cesare wrote it, and I woke up totally confused. So I had to write it myself. I am dream!Ces's amanuensis.

getting better for the two of us (Darwin/Rogue, General Audiences, 656 words)
For [personal profile] helens78. Because dawwwwwwww.

across my big brass bed (Gen, General Audiences, 924 words)
IDK there was just a lot of sad and evil and I needed snuggles.

Dissolved Girl (Mystique/Azazel, Mystique/Riptide, Mystique/Magneto, Explicit, 2776 words)
This would be the sad and evil.

Beauty Rest (Erik/Charles/Raven, Explicit, 1532 words)
Sexy sleepy sex.

when the road bends (Erik/Raven, Explicit, 2075 words)
Oh poor Raven. Just, I cain't with her sometimes.

Corrective Measures (Erik/Charles, Explicit, 2222 words)
This started as twitter popcorn fic with [personal profile] cesare and [profile] pearlo, and I finished it up. Because what we need here is some Erik getting beat.

drop the top and let the sunshine in (Erik/Raven, Explicit, 2097 words)
This is so silly. But there you go.

Señorita with a Necklace of Tears (Erik/Raven, Pietro/Wanda, Raven/Charles, Explicit, 1081 words)
God this is a sad story. All my ships in one place does not for a happy story make.

the world has got no shame (Raven/Emma, Explicit, 8728 words, WIP)
Written at [personal profile] helens78's provocation, because there really ought to be more rough girl-on-girl sex in fic.

Spit and Polish (Erik/Raven, Explicit, 2024 words)
I seem to have written a lot of these at [personal profile] helens78's provocation. Anyway, shoe worship + metal fetish = good times.

Click (Erik/Raven/Charles, Explicit, 681 words)
Just a little bit of Charles and Raven being bad people. Just how we like it.

if we were our bodies (Charles/Raven, Mature, 753 words)
A little sadface for you. Because sadface.

The Itchy and Scratchy Show (Charles/Erik, Explicit, 1854 words)
For [profile] pearlo (at least part of it). Because sex pollen.



Out (Charles/Raven/Erik, Explicit, 3645 words)
By god I will NOT leave a fandom without writing a D/s AU. This time it was Raven, Queen Domme of Xavier Mansion. As one does. First we have Erik getting taken down...

Better (Charles/Raven/Erik, 3282, words)
...and Charles being punished.

Away (Charles/Erik, Explicit,1218 words)
And, of course, hotel sex, because for serious that is what one does in XMFC fandom.

Change (Hank/Angel, General Audiences, 2056 words)
So many Thinky Thoughts about gender/queerness/asexuality in D/s AU.

Take (Erik/Charles/Raven, Explicit, 1600 words)
And so much sexy sex.

Good (Raven/Charles, Explicit, 4047 words)
And so much backstory.

Blood Money

another man's vine (Shaw/Charles, Erik/Charles, Mature, 2222 words)
What is this AU even.

it is only the map (Erik/Charles, Explicit, 2181 words)
It is mostly worldbuilding porn and Erik being evil.

only want to get you on your knees (Erik/Charles, Explicit, 2391 words)
Is there really anything else you need?

memory mixed with desire (Erik/Raven, Explicit, 1250 words)
Except Raven being a bad person too?

my favorite color is red (Erik/Charles, Explicit, 1067 words)
This is actually where it started, as a tumblr snippet. And, indeed, where it is destined to end.


The Idle Pleasures of These Days (Richard III/Iron Man, Tony Stark/Lord Rivers, Explicit, 1481 words)
For Porn Battle. Because we all love us some actorcest, especially when it's RDJ. Rowr.

Electric Wool (Avengers/Prometheus, Clint/Coulson, Mature, 4826 words)
This is what happens when you write a crossover between two movies that haven't come out yet.

Feedback Loop (X-Men Movieverse/Prometheus, Mystique/David 8, Mature, 3935 words)
I really quite like this one. ...Dammit this is a technophilia one too, isn't it.

Aerie (Harry Potter/Avengers, Clint/Coulson, General Audiences, 1241 words)
Look if you don't have a Harry Potter AU they just, like, won't let you leave.

you will be my crutch and cast (Avengers/Stargate Atlantis, Tony Stark/John Sheppard/Pepper Potts, 2195 words)
Part of the ambulance series. Because sad John/Tony is what we really need.

kiss her 'til your lips are scorched (Avengers/X-Men Movieverse, Mystique/Natasha Romanov, 1204 words)
For [profile] pearlo. Om nom nom femmeslash nom.

Psyche (Avengers/DC Comics, Clint/Coulson, Teen, 5297 words)
I really love this weird little story. I had the idea and forgot all about it for weeks, then [personal profile] dizmo reminded me, and this came out.

Trial Run (Inception/Stargate Atlantis, Ariadne/Eames, Ariadne/John Sheppard, Explicit, 933 words)
For [personal profile] anatsuno. Because John/everyone is how we roll here.

The Seahorse Effect (XMFC/Exiles, Erik/Charles, Erik/Raven, General Audiences, 869 words)
Based on the Exiles issue "Rube Goldberg", which is about a cheese danish, if I recall correctly.

The Old-Fashioned Way (XMFC/Exiles, Erik/Charles, Erik/Raven, Explicit, 2072 words)
And the companion piece, about where little blue babies come from.

132 stories

333839 words

I think I need to sit down.

Usually I post some kind of yearly reflection, but that is a goddamn lot to reflect on, so I think I'll just skip it. Maybe later.

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