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The Earth-Noise Intervene
Let's just stay in here and ignore what sounds like too much plot outside
Fic Roundup: 2006 
28th-Dec-2006 03:22 am
marvel - purple barton
The yearly fic roundup. By fandom alphabetically, then in reverse chronological order (except for chapter fic). Starred fics were for challenges. 67 pieces (counting chapters individually) in all.

Cowboy Bebop - 11 pieces

Thirty Kisses – Spike/Faye
Judas: Act III - Escaped!Spike.
Rainbirds - Peacemaker!Spike.
Counterplay - Bastard!Spike.
Return - Dead!Spike.
Peace - Smoking!Spike.
The Way We Weren't - Happy!Spike.
One More Song - Depressed!Faye
a last even of last times - Angst-ridden!Spike.
Disconnect - Introspective!Faye.
Warning - Innocent!Faye.
The Inevitable Shower Scene - Temptress!Faye.

DC - 5 fics

Comic canon
Battle Scars
Bruce/Selena. Selena studies Bruce and Batman's scars.

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
Clark/Lois. Taking the piss out of Clark's "secret" identity.

Mentions of Lex/OC. President Lex meets with his ambassador to the UN. Has nothing to do with anything, and is probably a rampant self insert.

Superman Returns
Prend Garde à Toi
Lex/Lois, Lex/Superman, Lex/Kitty. Habanera flavored fic, rather gritty.

This Little Game of Ours
Lex/Kitty, NC-17. D/s with interesting props and a side of Bizet.

Firefly - 15 pieces

Thirty Kisses – Jayne/Kaylee
The Wayward Mechanic - Wherein Kaylee reads romance novels.
Two of Cups, Reversed - Wherein Jayne and Kaylee get married.
Five Reasons - Wherein Kaylee gets high.
Homestead - Wherein there is too much normalcy.
Persuasion - Wherein Kaylee plays a trick.
Just Like That - Wherein Jayne learns to dance.
Last Stand - Wherein everyone dies.
Good Night Kiss - Wherein Jayne visits the airlock.
Complication - Wherein Kaylee is a very bad girl indeed.

The Hollow Men*
River/Wash, NC-17. Creepy, squicky rapefic set to T. S. Eliot.

Terrifying Space Monkeys
Gen. Mal is batshit insane, and so am I.

Nothing Amiss
Simon/Mal, NC-17. Rather basic D/s fic featuring Evil!Simon.

River/Kaylee. River likes to watch.

In the Dead Wastes of the Middle of the Night
Wash/Zoe. Really goddamned sad Zoe-centric angst just after Wash's death.

Jayne/Vera. Jayne reconnects with his only love. Not porn.

Harry Potter - 3 pieces

Teach My Feet To Fly*
Percy/Charlie. Percy in Paris, trying to work it all out.

Pride Goeth*
Lucius/Ron. It all comes down to Lucius, Ron, and a chessboard.

The Four Forms of Magic
Harry/Neville. Lighthearted slash with a side of cultural anthropology.

House - 8 pieces

Rhythm of the Saints
Rhythm of the Saints // Heaven's Only Daughter
House/Cuddy/Wilson pregnancy fic. Twenty linked drabbles based on Paul Simon songs/lyrics.

My Father's Old Coat
Holiday ficlet featuring Evan, rather pointless.

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight*
The fic that ate Latveria, featuring pantry sex and tie kink.

The First Time
Gen. Four drabbles, featuring character's reactions to their first deaths.

House/Wilson. Wilson-centric angsty Tritterarc fic, post Finding Judas

Ten'll Get You Twenty*
Ten pairings/groupings. Ten unrelated song title drabbles for housefic_pens.

The Best Laid Plans
Cameron/Chase with a twist of House. Drunken hospital bondage fic.

Lucky Number Slevin - 1 piece

Bad Dog
Gen. Slevin and Goodkat just after the beginning.

Marvel - 2 pieces

Petros/Wanda, mixed with Kitty-centric gen and a number of cameos. Pre-canon, concerning the Inquisition and Wanda's departure from her abbey. So sad.

Keeping Up Appearances*
Logan/Scott, NC-17. Just a little porny amusement at the Tim Horton's.

Saikano - 1 peace

Shuji/Chise, NC-17. Shuji dreams about what he can't bring himself to have.

Smallville - 21 pieces

Prologue // Jun (PG-13 version) // Ka // Ox // K'an // Jo // Wak // Wuk // Waxak
Lionel/Chloe, Clark/Chloe, Lex/Lana, some NC-17, some non-con. AU set during/after the end of Transference (s4). Better known as the fic that ate my brain.

Gen. Baby!Lex and badfather!Lionel getting ready for the symphony.

(The first two parts were written in 2005, but for reference: I // II) // III // IV // V
Lex/Lana ER. A night at the symphony very nearly leads to the end of Lex and Lana's marriage, and causes everyone to spend a lot of time in the Department of Backstory.

Lex/Lana birth fic. Lex wins at life.

Lex/Lana. Baby!Alex and goodfather!Lex getting ready for the symphony. …Is it just me or do I write a damn lot of baby!fic for a CFer?

Chow Mein*
Lex/Lana. The very beginning of Lex and Lana's relationship, based mainly around a fandom in-joke.

Dancing Partners
Lionel/Martha. Metropolis talks, but says nothing.

Lex/Lana. Introspective, frenetic inner monologue from Lana.
29th-Dec-2006 02:48 am (UTC) - Whoa, that's alot of stories!
Congrats. Way to go:)
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