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The Earth-Noise Intervene
Let's just stay in here and ignore what sounds like too much plot outside
Fic Roundup: 2007 
31st-Dec-2008 01:20 am
marvel - purple barton
Previous years: 2006
*For house_fest
#For wtf27



Characteristic (House/Wilson, 271 words)#
Just a little bit of fluffy genderswap.

A Bit of House and Laurie (Gen, 331 words)#
Is this meta?

Declare Ye, Tell This (Gen, 601 words)*
A study on Chase and religion.

An Open Page (House/Ali, 786 words)*
Tritter arc AU. Still one of the darkest things I've ever written.

you're a mean old daddy, but I like you (House/Cameron, 200 words)
Cameron, angsting over House.

Father's Day (Gen, 660 words)*
Young Greg, angsting about his father.

Double (House/Wilson/Cameron/Cuddy, 685 words)*
Mediterranean food and dancing? Yes plz.

Pinned (House/Wilson, 295 words)
For ficwriters_anon. Wilson's kinks exposed.

Plans (House/Bonnie, House/Wilson, Wilson/Bonnie, House/Cuddy, 878 words)*
House's futile efforts at subterfuge.

The Naughty Nights of Nurse Nina (Gen, 762 words)*
The characters discover the fascinating world of medical kink.

Education (House/Wilson, House/Cuddy, Chase/Cameron, 612 words)#
High school AU. Don't look at me, it wasn't my prompt.

Ouroboros (House/Cuddy, House/Stacy, 807 words, with commentary)*
House, eating his own tail.

The Lay of the Lupus Monster (Gen, 898 words)*
For Come As You're Not. And lo, House smote the Cuddy, and all was well.

Perfect (Cameron/Chase, 717 words)
For dhfreak at house_santa. The remix, by secondsilk, is a much better read.


Don't and Do (House/Cuddy, 227 words each)
Fic exchange with leiascully. Dual (dueling?) solo fics for House and Cuddy.

Bulletproof (House/Wilson, Chase/Cameron, 516 words)*
Murder mystery. I swear I'm coming back to this.

Thirteen for Luck (Various pairings, Gen, 1300 words)
For housefic_pens. One of them damn song title challenges.


To Have and To Hold and Special Delivery (Boostle, 1156 and 958)#
First comes marriage, then comes love, then comes time travel, then comes babies.

The Living Ones (Tim/Kon, 797 words)
For axial_tilt. Tim plays Doubting Thomas.

Training Day (Lex/Lana, 200 words)
A different kind of sparring.

Tease (DCAU, Ollie/Supergirl, 325 words)
Ollie is a dirty old man.

The Devil and Mister Madison (Gen, 200 words)
For the Jerry Falwell Memorial Pornathon. Etrigan changes history.

Good To Be The King (Lionel/Chloe, 259 words)
Blatant, shameless pornography.


Sin To See Her Again (Alucard/Integra, 644 words)#
The Apocalypse: everybody's doing it.


How the World Was Made (Jayne/Kaylee, Simon/Kaylee, Mal/Inara, 1000 words)
For mukashi2. My myths are pastede on yey.

Weeping Endureth (Simon/River, 601 words)
For anitchka at serenity_santa. Everybody loves CSI!

Balance (River/Inara, 135 words)
For anitchka at serenity_santa. Everybody also loves River POV.

For 30_kisses (Jayne/Kaylee)

Space (220 words)
Sweet (200 words)
Rust (113 words)
Deal (336 words)
Cause and Effect (271 words)

Gyakuten Saiban

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 (2251 words, Phoenix/Edgeworth, WIP)#
How to save your rival from becoming a whore, and gain a boyfriend at the same time.

For the Phoenix Wright Kink Meme:
Tisane (Phoenix/Edgeworth, 1393 words)
Measure for Measure (Phoenix/Edgeworth, college AU, 2467 words)
Speakeasy (Franziska/Adrian, Miles/Gumshoe, jazz age AU, 502 words)
Good Behavior (Gen, 581 words)
Lap of Luxury (Phoenix/Edgeworth, 1069 words)
Triple It (Phoenix/Edgeworth/Phoenix's brothers, 1005 words)
Short slash (Phoenix/Edgeworth, Gant/Edgeworth, Matt/Juan, Gumshoe/Edgeworth, 3072 words total)
Short het (Larry/Maya, Shelly De Killer/Celeste Inpax, Edgeworth/OC, Franziska/Gumshoe, Mia/Gumshoe, 2342 words total)


Drabblethong (Hermione/Ginny, House/Cuddy, 403 words)

Gregory House and the Nosy Ducklings (Gen, House/HP Crossover, 1113 words)*#

Well Played, Jeeves (Gen, PG Wodehouse/HP Lovecraft, 1612 words)#

Lifestyle (House/Cuddy, Mal/Inara, House/Inara, House/Firefly, 497 words)#

36495 words total

My favourite story this year (of my own): To Have and To Hold/Special Delivery. It's silly, it's schmoopy, it has mpreg, but I love it anyway.

My best story this year: The Living Ones. The rhythm is really there, and it does exactly what it's supposed to. I think the tiredness and the flatness that I wanted to convey really came through, without the fic getting boring as a result. It sounds exhausted, and it's appropriately and realistically anti-climactic. (Or you can read the wtf amazing feedback I got for it…)

Story most tragically underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Well, I think I'm generally underappreciated. [/ego] But I felt… underrewarded for my non-J/K Firefly fic, especially How the World Was Made, because of how damn hard I worked on it and how much I liked it.

Most fun story: This is a difficult question. The funniest is The Lay of the Lupus Monster, but it was a bitch to write, so I can't call it fun. The lightest is Well Played, Jeeves, which was also fun to write, but it isn't really funny. So idk.

Most sexy story: Probably Tease, but only because it's so short, so keeping up the sexiness wasn't a problem.

Story with single sexiest moment: The sex scene in Tisane. Do want.

Most unintentionally *telling* story: This is also a difficult question, because, as discussed before, my fic is intentionally telling. So, ironically, it may be Good To Be The King, which was not written with any whiff of motive.

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Good Behavior was probably the creepiest thing that I wrote, but it's really not graphic, and things written for the Kink Meme really don't count anyway. Special Delivery has mpreg, but it isn't any stranger than anything else that happens in the canon, and it's mostly for lulz anyway. Sin to See Her Again is really blasphemous, but again, par for the canon. So I might have to go with An Open Page, because it has not only statutory and drug abuse, but implied character death, all in less than eight hundred words.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: Ouroboros changed the way I thought about both House and Stacy.

Hardest story to write: Plans. It went through three drafts, none of which worked, and none of which were anything at all like the finished version. And I never write drafts for fic. What you see is what I wrote. It kept trying to be something that it wasn't, and Bonnie's character went all over the map.

Worst story: Plans, for reasons relating to the previous question. It never did what I wanted it to do, and the final result is really disjointed to me. If I have to pick something I haven't, it's Perfect. It… just don't go.

Easiest story to write: Don't. Mmm.

Story I didn’t write but will at some point, I swear: Pinky swear that I'll finish Bulletproof.

Fic I didn't finish this year:
A smattering:
-Somnophilia (House/Cameron, presently 1446 words and sprinkled with pepperjack cheese)
-No Exit (House and Tritter, Piarandello style, 202 words)
-Four Ways That Won’t Work (And One That Did) (House/Wilson/Cuddy, memeishly, 1477 words)
-Untitled (House/Cuddy second person college fic, 313 words)
-Living (Petros/Wanda, sequel to Survival, 719 words)
-Untitled (Reed/Sue five things AU humor, 1268 words)
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