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AUs I Am Definitely Not Going To Write, Part 1

Or, What I Did On My Office Hour

a. The one where it's 1590 and Rodney is a missionary in Tlatelolco and totally doesn't get any evangelization done because he's too busy recording Mexica history and dabbling in alchemy; John is a mostly Spanish soldier who got into it for the adventure and to get away from his bitchy wife in Spain, but who is starting to realize that there isn't any; Ronon is a Pipil soldier in the Spanish army who reads a lot of really angry Mexica poetry and is generally gruff; and Teyla is the Nahuatl informant who corrects all of Rodney's work when he's not looking.

No, I totally paying attention in Nahuatl today. Why do you ask?

b. The one where it's 1943 and Rodney is at Bletchley Park doing sig int while John is a lowly telegraph operator. And then John gets captured and Rodney finds him by monitoring German messages, and says "I recognized his fist!" when asked to explain, and I have a hearty laugh at my ability to make historically situated double entendres.

And then Rodney and John have a threeway with Alan Turing, idk.

I mostly can't write this one because there's already a WWII House AU where Cuddy is a Victory Girl gathering dust on my hard drive, and also all I really have is that joke about fists.

ETA: c. The one where Cuddy was a drag king in college and nobody knows about it but House. All I know is it ends with Cuddy in a suit with a strap-on, possibly givin' it to Wilson.

Tags: house, rambling, sga, writing

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