The Midnight Rider (sabinelagrande) wrote,
The Midnight Rider

Dear Author Letter- purimgifts '09

Dear author:

You are awesome, and I will totally love whatever you write for me. But, if you're looking for ideas:

I love pairings of all varieties- especially rare pairings- but I'm a sucker for a solid gen or friendship fic too. I really dig creative AUs, porn (especially D/s, dubcon, and AMTDI), crossovers, crack!fic, and stories that start off really sad but end happily. I love reading stories where women are friends (or more!); I would just die a billion little deaths if you wrote some Cuddy/Weir or Penny/Lesley Winkle interaction, slashy or not. The same goes for men and women as platonic BFFLs.

I find Jewish traditions really fascinating; I'm from the Deep South and didn't actually meet a Jewish person until I was in high school (yeah, I know- I didn't see a Catholic priest in vestments in real life until then either). So really, you could write me a story that was just like people sitting around at Seder (on Atlantis! with uncomfortable!McKay!) and I'd be totally entranced.

My favorite characters/pairings:
Big Bang Theory: Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Sheldon/Penny(/Leonard)
Stargate Atlantis: Sheppard, Michael, Zelenka, Dr. Weir, McKay/Sheppard(/Zelenka), Weir/Zelenka, Weir/Teyla, Michael/Teyla, Team OT4
DC Comics: The Question (both of them), Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Booster/Beetle, Harley/Ivy
House: Cuddy, Taub, House/Cuddy/Wilson (or any combination thereof)
Phoenix Wright: Edgeworth, Maya, Lisa Basil, Edgeworth/Phoenix, Edgeworth/Franziska, Maya/Iris

Things that will make me a sad bunny:
Character bashing (even if it's Keller)
Post-apocalyptic scenarios (unless there are zombies, that could be fun)

Please don't feel like any of this is a requirement; I totally already love you for writing for me. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Much love,

PS: If you find a way to include evil viziers, you'll be my hero forever.
Tags: challenges, pimpin_aint_easy
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