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1. In case you missed it, Leah (of leahwoof) has posted another part in what is probably my favoritest AU ever, wherein John and Cam are robots and Lorne is sort of their dad and it is not as cracky as it sounds, I promise. For my money, Muscle and Blood and Skin and Bones is still the best bit, but that's because it has Zelenka and Bill Lee and Lorne all working together and tiny adorable robots omg in, and seriously, how can you go wrong with that?

2. BSG and SGA fen in the house, this is for you.

Not only is it totally headcanon for me now that John watched original BSG, it's kind of my crossover OTP. Sam can come too. And yes, that was a double entendre. Maybe even a single entendre.

2a. THOSE BITCHES are making me want to write more Woolsey/John when I swore up and down I wouldn't.

3. When did I start writing all my entries in bullet points?

4. No longer want to run screaming from grad school, possibly because Peter bought me dinner and let me ramble at him about glyphs for like two hours tonight. It was even his idea! That's why he's my favorite.

4a. He's married. Don't start getting ideas.

5. I really want to write right now, but I want to write something that I can actually finish and post- I'm in the middle of

-a collaboration with antares04a for artword
-a fic that started out as random AMTDI PWP and has since mutated into a sprawling epic about D/s relationships, voodoo death, and cultural expectations
-The Weir/Zelenka That Ate Prague
-the evil twin of The House By The Beach
-porn with sub!sadist!Shep
-porn with she!Shep (porn is just better when it's alliterative)
-the next chapter of Disclosureverse
-more Tony/John
-Planet Buttsex

but none of them are anywhere near being finished, and I'm starting to get antsy writing so much without getting any feedback. So! I am taking drabble prompts. No more than five, and only for House, SGA, Gyakuten Saiban, Firefly, Iron Man, Big Bang Theory, and/or combination thereof. No promising I will ever actually deliver, either.

6. I love City of Heroes. That is all.
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