June 23rd, 2004

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New Rant

Ok. I'm getting kind of tired of the people who review my stories on ff.net asking for more.

I don't really do chapterfic. The longest things I've done were Triptych and Miranda Silver, and I was so long writing the latter that book canon changed around me and I had to quit. I don't even really even count Stories from the Inside, cause at just over 2000 words, most one-shots are longer than it. It doesn't even have a plot.

Most of my stories don't really have plots. And I like it that way. Take The Good Son, which was what this person wanted me to expand upon. It's just Andromeda and Regulus talking. No more, no less. It is complete in and of itself- and nothing happens. I can't write more - there is no more. Regulus is dead.

Before I wrote fanfic, I was a monologue writer. And that's what I like to write - monologue. And not three-hour-one-man-show monologue, five minute monologue. I'm more interested in what's going on in the characters' minds than in what's going on around them.

And I don't know if any of this really explains why I don't expand my stories and don't appreciate the insinuation or right out suggestion that I should. To me, when a story is done, it's done. That's all she wrote. I've got maybe 2 stories that may turn into something longer. Maybe. But it's not a priority. If I stands alone, why should I tack more chapters to it and risk ruining what I've written?

My writing is short and concise. I can't help it. I'm never going to write a 10000 word story. If the story is going to get longer, I'll tell you. If I haven't, STFU and enjoy the story. Or don't. I don't give a damn.

Love to you guys, who never pull this kind of shit on me.
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