June 26th, 2004

marvel - purple barton

The Late Spike Spiegel Blues

Ok, so an explanation of this random chapterfic that snuck up on me (cause it knew I had two challenges to write). In classic style, all of the chapters are named after songs. Cause I'm so very creative. [/sarcasm] The whole thing strikes me as really derivative, but I like it anyway. Basic premise is that Spike takes the bullet instead of Shin in The Real Folk Blues.

So, in case you've never heard one or any of these songs before, some lyrics.

Title Inspiration: The Late John Garfield Blues Collapse ).
Chapter 1: A Sunday Kind of Love Collapse ).
Chapter 2: No Turning Back Collapse ).
Chapter 3: Dream a Little Dream of Me Collapse ).
Chapter 4: Dead Man Blues Collapse ).
Chapter 5: What'll I Do Collapse ).
Chapter 6: Love Me Till the Sun Shines Collapse ).
Chapter 7: Right Place, Wrong Time Collapse ).
Chapter 8: It Could Be Sweet Collapse ).

I'll update this post when I write new chapters.
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