July 2nd, 2004

marvel - purple barton

New Chapter

Title: Idle Hands from "Master of What Is Mine Own"
Summary: "Maybe all the vampires have left England."
Fandom: Hellsing
Word Count: 609
Rating/Warnings: R for sexualness
Pairing: Alucard/Integra
A/N: This chapter got rather silly around the edges. However, the manga is always getting silly around the edges, so I feel justified. Lizzy's going to freak out when she gets home.

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marvel - purple barton

New Chapter

Title: Love Me Till the Sun Shines from "The Late Spike Spiegel Blues"
Summary: Spike practices Jeet Kun Do for the first time in months.
Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
Word Count: 737
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for Julia bashing.
Pairing: Spike/Faye
A/N: This one is actually a bit longer than the other chapters. Hurrah! Also, many thanks to luckiemonky for the (albeit unconscious) title inspiration.
ETA: There was a mistake in the first line that made it... well, not make any sense. But I fixed it, both here and on ff.net. Hurrah!

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