July 8th, 2004

marvel - purple barton

Fandom Confession

Neferu Bastet: bless me father, for I have sinned... it has been 18 years since my last confession... I have written an Eus Yram*, an author insertion, and a fic with an anthropomorphic hat as the romantic lead...
Neferu Bastet: also I giggled at an "I love you like a fat kid loves cake" icon
Neferu Bastet: and I destroyed Shinchiro Wantanabe's over-the-top, Romeo and Julietesque series ending
Neferu Bastet: I also conspired to cosplay
Neferu Bastet: oh yes, and there were other mortal sins, but really, they weren't as fun, so they must be less... sinful

* Eus Yram: my personal term for my OC Miranda Silver or any OC who has no special powers, unremarkable looks, and practically no angst, thus, the opposite of a Mary Sue. However, this all conspires to make her very boring.
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