January 6th, 2005

marvel - purple barton

Why dawn_m is such a badass.

Dude. She just is.

But I suppose you want more. Um... ok. How about... she's a great friend who's always more than ready to listen to whatever bitching one may have, and, in many cases, to give really good advice. She's also blessedly silly, HOT, a bang up writer, and seriously pwns me at icon making.

People try to give her crap, but is she less awesome for it? I submit to you that she is not. She simply keeps being awesome, just to spite them. And you know what? She's a better person (undoubtably) than me and most of the people I know.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why dawn_m is a badass. Any questions?
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marvel - purple barton

Jacked from rosehiptea

1. A character you'd go to hell and back for
2. A character you'd escort to Hell... and leave them there while you took the first bus back.
3. A character you didn't like in the beginning but as time went on, you learned to like, or at least tolerate.
4. A character you liked in the beginning, but later you didn't like them so much.
5. A pairing that you love
6. A pairing that you despise
7. A pairing you've never seen before but it would be cool if someone wrote it (as long as it's not crapfic)
8. A pairing you've never seen and pray to any listening deity that you never will.

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marvel - purple barton

Why rosehiptea is so very neat.

I don't know any other fanfic-writing Jews. This could be because I only know 3 Jews, but I digress.

Her great love for Walter x Seras makes me smile, and her fic is probably the reason why I like the pairing so much. All of her fic is just so very tasty. She's got this really smooth style that I really envy. She's intriguing, and generally nifty, and I'm sort of in awe of her. Plus, she's just genuinely nice and caring.

If we were fictional or famous, we would have rabid shippers (I suspect they would start flame wars with the Lizzy/Hayley shippers).
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