January 18th, 2005

marvel - purple barton

A funny, and an away message...

The final paper for my Celtic archaeology class (which I've since dropped) is a first person narrative about a day in the life of a Celt between 1000 BC and AD 500. The professor kept emphasizing that it must be heavily documented, and I couldn't resist.

Sabine: Make sure you stick to canon!
sonicshadow: No OTPs! And no slash!
Sabine: No AU's, no crossovers.

This was before the accidental creation of leftoverse, which I'm inclined to believe should be a term for Jet/Faye fic after Real Folk Blues Part II.

Yeah, college is back. I'll be in and out, reading almost every day, but probably not writing much and posting little. My aim is NeferuBastet if you just feel the need to get to me.

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