March 16th, 2005

marvel - purple barton

I should be writing.

I invite you all to play the Pit of Voles game, as invented by myself and gunstreet_girl. Here are the easy instructions:

1. Find the badest badfic you can find. It must have at least one review stating that it is fabulous.
2. Report it (note: no points are rewarded if you lie).
3. Take a moment for quiet reflection and/or maniacal laughter.
4. Repeat.

Targets today included someone who thought the name of the character was "Serious Black" and someone who had inexplicably posted a very angsty, obviously unrelated poem in the Aqua Teen Hunger Force section (and who had reviewed it himself saying it was great).

Note that this is nothing like the Pit of Smut game, as invented by simsinnippon. That involves guessing what sexual experience, if any, the authors have actually had.

On an unrelated note, I am turning into an awful Dorothy/Roger and Vash/Milly shipper. I don't know why. Probably because I am the shippiest bastard ever to ship. Also, Kuroneko owns your ass.

::does the dance of the fangirl::
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