March 27th, 2005

marvel - purple barton

::is dead of Cowboy Bebop::

More memes. This really turned into raving/bitching.

Rules: Off the top of your head, right now, what ten 'ships would you likely drop what you're doing to read fic for. Or, alternately, what are the top ten ships that you'll give a fic a chance for, or that you've been dying to write, or that you've been dying to read.... These can be new loves, old flames, or something in between. Explain if you like, but you don't have to. Then tell us 3 things these ships say about you.

Leave a comment about what you think these ships say about me, then repeat in your own LJ.

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marvel - purple barton

You're dead to me, can opener!

I'm tempted to start a Hellsing C2 community just for good gen fic, humor and battles and such.

However, is dead to me because of this fucking stupid ratings thing.

Anybody willing to help out if I do?
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