April 20th, 2005

marvel - purple barton

I give you a challenge!

This is silly, but I feel like writing something like this, and I shall challenge the rest of you to do it so I don't feel like a tool. So I give you:

The Pepper Jack Cheese Challenge (dun dun dun!)

Write a ficlet (100-500 words) in any fandom wherein some character shares some personal trait with you- a specific childhood memory, a birthmark, a love of some food. The trick is, you have to do with without raping canon. So go forth! (Or alternately, don't.)
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marvel - purple barton

Goddamn you, JSTOR

Alright. Comment, and I'll tell you something nice, or at least complimentary about you. Then post this, cause I want my ego stroked too.

And I swear, when this paper is done, I'll have real content, and not be a memesheep. Much.
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