April 21st, 2005

marvel - purple barton

Oh, alright, I'll bloody do it

Every person on your f-list gets to request a drabble from you. In return, they should post this in their journal and write a drabble for you. Post all fandoms you're willing to write for. Your friends can pick a relationship, a story arc, a missing scene, commentary! Or pretty much anything they want, unless the author has previously mentioned that they will not write it. They comment with what they want, and you write drabbles and post it in your LiveJournal.

I'll write Harry Potter, Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, Discworld (though I'm not at all familiar with the Night Watch books past Guards! Guards!), Gunslinger Girl (manga canon), Lord of the Rings, and maybe Big O or Tenchi Muyo.
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