May 20th, 2005

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Wheeeee fic.

Title: Vignette
Summary: The system breaks down.
Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
Word Count: 336
Rating/Warnings: PG-13
Pairing: Spike/Faye
A/N: I'm afraid this isn't very good, nor does it have much point. But that's ok. Another for 30_kisses.

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marvel - purple barton

Bless me, fandom, for I have sinned

10 Fan-ish Admittances of Shame:
as stolen from sir_hellsing

1. I created a Harry Potter OC from America. Named Amanda. Who didn't find out she was a witch until she was 14. And she went right into 4th year. In my defense, she was confused by it too.
2. I wrote Trelawney/Sorting Hat, of which I am fiercely proud and obsessively protective.
3. I am the Queen of Cross-gen.
4. I was in yesterday's Clarion Ledger, right on the front of the B section, dressed as a Sith lord. The worst part- my lightsaber's purple, and I'm wearing a cape, not a cloak.
5. I have been known to report really, really badly written fic on without commenting and for no reason but that it makes my eyes burn. The same thing goes for misplaced poetry.
6. I wrote "Spike iz not ded!" fic.
7. Under the hypocrite heading:
a) I hate incest, particularly Weasleycest, but dammit, I love Luke/Leia, Bellatrix/Narcissa, and Bella/Sirius.
b) I'm always telling people to get betas... and I don't use them.
c) I am a reprehensible shipper. Even worse, I am terribly opposed to certain ships, and I have been known to quietly character bash (on Angel in particular). And I hate when people character bash.
8. Sometimes I wish I were a BNF, for I am an attention whore.
9. I like slash from time to time, but I hate a lot of slash fen. Normal fen? No problem. Santimonious fen? Fire of a thousand suns.
10. I fucking love Tenchi Muyo. In the face. So much so that my best friend and I, when we were fighting (kinda) over the same guy, used to call each other Ryoko and Ayeka. That was before my hair became vaguely crab shaped, and Mason started calling me Washu. I even planned out (but didn't finish) a Tenchi/Gunsmith Cats crossover.

Bonus: I suck to watch anything with, particularly anything animated or any of the Star Wars movies, because I'm constantly playing the "I know that guy! That's X! He was in A, B, and C!" game. I can't help it, I was raised doing it. And I've gotten damn good.
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