August 13th, 2005

marvel - purple barton

Five AM Fic Pimp!

This Principle of Selection by Sita. NC-17 (though I'd consider it a hard R at best, myself). Not-quite-dark!Lex/Lana, Post-Onyx.

"He'd have to face her and breathe in her scent again, the next time they ran into each other. Would his thoughts return to this moment? he wondered. Probably. Silently, he'd beg for a few more minutes of her time. He'd ask her if she wanted to get a cup of coffee. Fucking coffee! But what else was there? It's not like she would let him take her out for a cozy little dinner at La Petite Fleur. He could see it now, standing at the bank or some other random spot asking her to sit down with him over coffee, the hunger in his gaze and the avoidance in hers, both of them standing adroitly, awkwardly. He'd lean forward pulling her scent deep into his body, haunted by memories of the wretched, perverse thoughts in his head."

Go. Read. I don't care if you like Smallville. Go and download the episode, and then read it. Hell, I'll give you the episode if you want it. It's shiny anyway, and contains enough Dumas references to keep everybody happy.
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