August 15th, 2005

marvel - purple barton

A badfic in any language is still a badfic.

So, I've been reading French fic at the Pit lately, trying to improve my comprehension, grasp of slang, etc.

(This is the part where you ask why I'm not reading Le Monde or le Canard Enchainé or something, and I make a bunch of excuses about already knowing the sort of vocab that it takes to read Le Monde and about not being able to understand le Canard.)

But the last fic I found boggled my mind. Hermione marries Draco, which she considers a huge mistake, except for the fact that they had a son, who died. Hermione tries to run away, to be chased (in a car) by Draco, who's listening to country music, no less. He gives her a choice: come with him, or throw herself off the conveniently located cliff behind them. She chooses the cliff, and Draco screams like a little girl. In a cliffhanger, she is found at the bottom of the cliff by an unnamed someone (I'd lay even money on it being Harry). I should mention that all this takes place on Christmas.

And, for that extra flavor, the falling off the cliff scene is supplemented by the lyrics to "My Immortal" by Evanescence. In English.

She used to be a promising Hogwarts student. She had many friends and helped Harry defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort on several occasions. Now she ded from angst.

For an added bonus, the fic is called "Pêcher Originel". I'm almost certain she meant "Original Sin", which is "Le péché originel". And anyway, the verb "to sin" is "pécher". Ladies and gentlemen, the title of the fic is "Original Fishing".