August 30th, 2005

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Katrina Update

So, our power went out around 6:30 last night, so we (gunstreet_girl and I) went over to simsinnippon, sonicshadow, and senschuh's apartment, which was also without power, but is on higher ground. The power came back on for a while (long enough to have dinner), and it's been out since. It was still Tropical Storm strength when it hit us, but the damage hasn't been bad. A tree fell on Jess's house, but it isn't hurt badly. We're over at raineesue's dorm, which never lost power. Some of the Grove trees are down, and there's still debris everywhere. When we left our apartment (2 hours ago) the stoplights still weren't on everywhere.

In Jackson, where my parents live, it's not quite good. The cap blew off our chimney, which isn't too bad, and we had some leaking. The Baton Rouge and Biloxi branches of my mother's company are fucked, though Houma (LA) is fine, oddly enough. All their personnel are fine though, as far as they know (they of course can't contact the New Orleans branch). brodwaybaby is holed up near UMC, which has power (since it's a hospital), but troubledmind's house doesn't. brodwaybaby's family (in Hattiesburg) isn't doing too well, as a tree came through their house. It may be 2-3 weeks before all of Jackson gets power back. Millsaps has no power and no water; neither does USM.

My little brother, in Starkville, has power, but no class.

Oh, we have class today (after 1). Did I go? Fuck that.

So, long story short, we're okay.

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ETA: We got power back at about 7:15 this evening. My parents have lost power to their cell phones, and there's no landline coverage. Oh well.
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