October 9th, 2005

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Oi. Sorry if you're on the Walter x Seras C2 and just got a bunch of emails, but I just added a couple of pieces. And if you're not on the C2, you should join, like, yesterday.

As I sweep through looking for new pieces/pieces I've missed only occasionally, please let me know if you've written something that I've missed. This goes double if it's rated M or the summary doesn't contain either both the character names or "WxS".

Now to write. I got another "Update!" review on Thirty Kisses this morning, and I was all "Yarr, I'll update your mom!" Then I realized it actually has been just barely over a month. I should have stanleynickels's Saikano fic done this afternoon as well. Then I shall see Serenity again, and probably cry again, and everything will be lovely.
marvel - purple barton

OMG Fic?

Title: Judas: Act II
Summary: Events take a drastic turn.
Fandom: Cowboy Bebop
Word Count: 423
Rating/Warnings: G
Pairing: Spike/Faye
A/N: This is set in an AU version of the early part of the series. It directly follows Judas: Act I (formerly just called "Judas"). Act III isn't coming until the 30th kiss. Yes, I am getting myself set up to be mauled by fangirls. Do I care? No.

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