November 13th, 2005

marvel - purple barton

It burns us.

Title: No Need for Dalia
Summary: Watch, as I suck!
Fandom: Tenchi Muyo
Word Count: 549
Rating/Warnings: G, AU, incredibly OOC characters
Pairing: I think eventually it was supposed to be Tenchi/Dalia and Ryoko/Aeka
A/N: Dalia Chanslor was my constantly-changing Rhy'Din RP character for... as long as I was on there, so I guess about 4 years. She was a waifish, slutty Sue with no actual personality outside my own. She was half-vampire shapeshifting feline minstrel who whored about a lot and stole ideas unabashedly from other players (killitw/fireplz). Thankfully, in this story, she was just a normal human. I can't remember how she ended up at the Masaki house, but I think she was going to end up having fallen through the TV. The writing is... well. Boring. Really fucking boring. Insanely fucking boring. It just reminds me how much I still suck at dialogue. Everyone is terribly OOC, except Ayeka (who's only mildly OOC, probably because she was my favorite). Yeah. It kind of makes me feel good about how far I've come in 5 years though.

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