December 20th, 2005

marvel - purple barton


I am currently engaged in feelin' the love, 'specially from the people at the Lex/Lana forums at DTS. (I'm an unrepentant shipper, and I don't care.)

My brother got me a Miles Davis cd for Christmas, and there was much mellow to be had. And so many books I have now! I went to my favorite bookstore today, which is always for the win. I got Mossflower (second book in the Redwall series), The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson (cause I've been devouring Quicksilver, and hell, it was 3 bucks), and the original Empire Strikes Back novelization (speaking of which, I finally got the RotS novelization, since it's out in paperback now).

So much happy. New fic coming soon, perhaps a prequel to Symphony, and something different for someone whose name starts with "v" and ends with "ampirehunter85".

(Does anyone have an mp3 of Precious by Depeche Mode? I bet I have something you'd like in trade.)
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