March 3rd, 2006

marvel - purple barton


OMG, so I just (finally, yes, I'm lame) watched the OVA.

Ok, is BoH affiliated with Hellsubs? Cause that's whose I had, and oof. So much with the translatorese and the silly mistakes, mainly that Fraulein was mispelled every. single. time (wtf was up with Richard calling Integra that anyway?) and Badrick, Ireland became Patrick, Ireland (which romanization problems can't account for, since it's in the manga).

But yeah, I liked it. It felt very much like the other anime, which was sort of a let-down, but I think they did some things much better. The Master of Monster scenes were handled quite well, though I like the other treatment better (though there's no law that says it won't come up just before the kneeling scene). So much love for chibi/OMGBOOBS!Seras

Yeah. Also, am writing Major/Batou. Umm.. yeah.