July 30th, 2006

marvel - purple barton

Screw canon!

Have you ever wondered, "Hey, why has nobody ever written Luke/Rip?" or "Where is all the Martha/Lois?" or "Dammit, why can't I find any Niska/Simon?"

Well, look no further! The beautiful and talented shadowenmagic and I have just started screwcanon, your one stop shop for rare pairings. Make a request, and see your dream come alive. Well, sort of.

Anyway, join us now, and screw canon!
marvel - purple barton

Let's slow it on down for a minute.

Title: Jo
Series: K'ex
Summary: Meanwhile, back at Luthor Mansion. Again.
Fandom: Smallville
Word Count: 911
Rating/Warnings: PG this installment
Pairing: Lex/Lana this installment
A/N: Yes, I hijacked the plot for a chapter. And yes, I am a sucker for inserting comic canon into Smallville. Do you love it? You know you do. Much of this is setup for the sequel (that's right, I said it).

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