August 7th, 2006

marvel - purple barton


Because people are always pissed when they miss challenges, and because I am a masochist, here's the rundown of what I'm entering, cause you might want to enter it too.

Nocturnum is having a Smallville Lex/Lana drabble contest (with prizes). Entries are due on August 15 September 1st, winners are chosen by the staff. You are especially encouraged to enter, because they need 3 more entries before they can award prizes.

Sign ups are over for 1602ficathon, devoted to the graphic novel by Neil Gaiman, but they're also offering what they call a "Free Agent Challenge" which you can still enter. Entries go up on September 15.

ronlucius is having a take-what-you-like challenge. Sign-ups don't close, and entries are due on August 25th.

percy_ficathon is just getting rolling. Signups close on August 22nd, fics are due October 25th, and the results will be posted anonymously through the end of the year.

Join screwcanon, dammit, as we'll be having a ficathon as soon as we have enough members and can be buggered to do it.