March 31st, 2007

marvel - purple barton

What I did on my Spring Break

Title: The Living Ones
Summary: The Cult of Conner succeeds, and Tim just wants to figure it all out.
Fandom: DC (Teen Titans/52)
Word Count: 797
Rating/Warnings: PG, AU, general 52 spoilers, slash
Pairing: Tim/Kon
A/N: This was my fic for amarin_rose at axial_tilt, and my first time writing Tim/Kon. I strongly recommend that you check out the (New Frontier!) fic I got, glossing's (s)excellent Some Enchanted Evening.

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marvel - purple barton

So many challenges.

Title: Declare Ye, Tell This
Summary: "He’s always the middle ground, where all are welcome but none are ever really safe."
Fandom: House
Word Count: 601
Rating/Warnings: PG, possibly dubious Catholicism
Pairing: None, Chase-centric
A/N: For Special Prompt: Ash Wednesday at house_fest. Title from Isaiah 48:20. I'm still not happy about the last line, but I don't think I'm ever going to be, because I must have gone through twenty iterations, all of which sucked.

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