February 8th, 2008

marvel - purple barton

Progress report

So I'm just a few dozen words from being over 14000. I'm a day and change ahead on the Countdown, so today is my day to write as much as humanly possible. I go back to work tomorrow, which luckily means I have two more days off before the deadline.

I have five pieces that are partially finished, fourteen that are completely done, just over 2000 words that I haven't planned for yet (this number changes frequently as I finish things), and a set of authors notes that is rapidly approaching four pages. Unfortunately, one of the hardest damned scenes I've ever tried to write remains, obviously, in the unfinished category. It's only supposed to be 500 words, but I might scrap it altogether if I don't need it to make word count.

But! I have a title. So that it something. I'm going to start putting up finished bits on GDocs for my betas (you know who you are), but I am in absolutely no hurry, as I don't fully intend on having the first draft betaed before I submit it (sorry, zulu!).

I think when I clear 2000 words for the week (which is about 420 words from now, I think, because goddammit, I closed my word count spreadsheet without saving) (also I should note that the week starts on Wednesday, for some reason), I'm going to go to town, then come back and write more.

ETA: Or maybe I will totally remember that I have to go to town for an ed meeting tonight. Good job, me!

ETAA: Today's ending wordcount was 14528. I think I can live with that.