March 7th, 2008

marvel - purple barton

Sabine heart KGB

Can I just say, flist, that ppthlegends may be the perfect game for me? It's slow enough that I can actually read every single thread, and the threads are damn good. There's plenty of tasty, tasty plot action, and a billion things for my character to do in it. And the backstory, OMG THE BACKSTORY. I AM GAY FOR BACKSTORY.

Also there are secret agents, and that's pretty hot.

Betas, take note: the plan is for me to turn in my Big Bang fic (no, fingers, not my Big Bang Theory fic, which is languishing on my hard drive) on Sunday at the latest. I honestly don't think it needs any more work, just formatting. If you said in the past you'd beta, and you've not done so, don't worry about it, unless, y'know, you want to.

I have done my monitor_duty (OMG COMICS FANDOM STOP CROSSPOSTING), so now it is time to finish AJ, as well as the uberlong fic I've been writing (betcha can't guess) for Part Three of the Kink Meme That Would Not Die. Then the remixredux fic that is eating my brain, and my narumitsu challenge fic, and-

Didn't I used to have a life at some point?
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