November 29th, 2008

marvel - purple barton

I can has wishlist?

So, everyone is wishing for things. I should get on that.

1. Feedback. Feedback, feedback, feedback. Literate feedback. Flail-y feedback. Constructive feedback. Squee feedback. Whatever. I'm in a "my writing is worthless and self-indulgent" phase, and I'm in fear of losing my mojo.

2. Everything SGA! Fic recs (I ship, uh, everyone/everyone else- except McKay/Zelenka, because they are the brOTP- with an emphasis on McShep and anything where Dr. Weir is naked), new friends, communities, meta, whatever. My stated goal is to watch the whole series (I'm up to like 1.15) by the time it ends, and I need people to squee with.

3. Fanart for my stories, cause that would be awesome. I have an admitted bias for Disclosureverse, because I'm writing it right now, but you'd pretty much be my idol no matter what you did.

4. An Iron Man movie AMV set to You Turn the Screws by Cake, very heavy on the Obadiah and the magnificent bastardry. You know you could see the intro set to him playing Tony's piano. Quite frankly, I'd die a happy woman and be reborn as your eternal fangirl.

5. Carlisle/Edward recs. Yeah, I said it. That's the one part of the Twilight movie I enjoyed unironically.

6. Drabbly things. Everybody loves drabbly things.

7. For fandom to be excellent to each other for the next year. Failing that, may all our fighting be the funny kind of fighting.

Yes. Please to make the linkings of your wishlists, flist. Do unto others, etc.