December 11th, 2008

marvel - purple barton

Hey, look, an update!

This update is brought to you by my reluctance to finish writing this section about the position of the indigenous intellectual vis a vis academic authority construction for my gigantic ass ethnography paper of death and publication. The jist of my argument, so far, is, "Look, I'm a queer female academic and even I don't want to talk about this."

My New Year's resolution (not that I actually make them, but it's a nice excuse) is to learn how to vid. All suggestions for tutorials, programs, sources, comms, etc. are highly sought. I've got a lot of experience (even like, actual real resume experience, omg) with sound editing, but none with video editing. It's like the one fannish thing I haven't done- except fanart, cause I quite literally could not draw if my life depended on it.

Mostly right now I want to make a vid of Sheppard tearassin' around the Pegasus Galaxy like the sneaky commando he is. Those are always my favorite bits.

Y'all, I have been reading SGA fic like it is my job. I'm near about to run out of stuff to read at Wraithbait (that isn't Sheppard/McKay, which I have not even started on, because, y'know, finals). Despite my initial burst of "OMGNO I cannot break up McKay+Zelenka," Zelenka is now my fandom bike. I have no idea how this happened. I blame the Sheppard/Zelenka writers.

Also, remind me I have to post a GIANT ASS RANT of RIGHTEOUS ANTHROPOLOGICAL FURY about the Athosians and how TPTB Did Not Do The Research. You do not get phenotypical differences that damn big in a society of fifty damn people, nor do women- not even really ridiculously hot women who could snap me in half- lead agricultural societies. Damn, people.

I've caught up on TBBT and House- mostly, because I haven't had time for this week's House yet. House is alternately pleasing me greatly and making me want to throw my remote through my television. Collapse )

That being said? Most House/Wilson/Cuddy season ever, Y/MFY?

Coming attractions/to do: Collapse )

Which reminds me. I've started posting to archives again, after a ridiculously long hiatus- specifically Wraithbait and Objection!. Just sayin'.

Sigh. I suppose I should go and finish this paper now. Woe is me, cri cri, etc.