January 13th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Okay, now you can look.

Title: Command Performance
Summary: Rodney watches.
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Word Count: 1030
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, sexing (with boobs!), swearing, bondage, vague D/s
Pairing: Carter/Sheppard/McKay (in that order)
A/N: Happy Smut Tuesday! Despite having OMG SO MUCH WORK to do, I was bound and determined to write this week, dagnabit. Only I couldn't finish the Weir/Zelenka That Ate Prague, so I wrote this instead, all of a quickness and apropos of nothing. I almost wanted to call this "That One What Has the Sex In", because that's how dead my brain is right now. Oh hey, now that you've had porn, how about some Porne?

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