February 14th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Did you just say monsterbation?

1. I am here! In Arkansas! With leiascully, coffeesuperhero, and queenzulu!

Y'all just don't know how awesome we are. We are number one; all others are two or lower.

2. Planet Buttsex, which despite the name is not slash-only, is pretty much the best crossover crack epic ever, despite (or maybe because of) not having anything resembling a plot yet. It already crosses Harry Potter and Stargate Atlantis, and it's only three hundred words long so far. Firefly is soon to come, as well as BSG and Buffy and Star Trek and god even knows what else. I'll throw Blake's 7 in there if I have to.

3. Twitter of the Shrew is shaping up to be pretty neat.

4. Did I mention Planet Buttsex?

5. Yes.