February 15th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Voice Post

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“Hello LiveJournal, this are the where I've been. I'm somewhere in Western Tennessee having just left the lovely company of the fabulous Leah's got me copy super hero and queen Zulu. It is a long goddamn way back to Nashville and so I'm talking to you. I have a couple of points. No. 1, I feel that John Sheperd would quickly become the princess of China bud sex I say this for two reasons. No. 1, he's friendly. He is so friendly that it also gets him into trouble I think perhaps he maybe too friendly. And no. 2, I feel the playing bud sex has many many princesses princesses I don't even know there are a lot of them. No. 2, I have a complaint about S G A Season 5. In S G A Season 5 Jennifer Kayleigh Keller have to choose between the specialist Ronan the hotness Dex and Dr Meredith Rodney McKay and she chooses McKay. She was a tip if you ever get stuck in that situation specially with Dex run for sex. Ronnie McKay run for Dave. It's a good thing she was never in to John though because she has to go run with nothing. Point 3, I think before I started this phone call I had a point 3but then I forgot what the hell it was. I think I should mention once again that I am very bored and that Tennessee is one motherfucking wrong state. So in conclusion, yes good night LiveJournal.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox

Oh my god. I came to fix this, but the auto transcription is so epic that I'm almost reluctant to. WOW. I can't even pick a favorite part it's so epic. I kind of want an icon that says "I feel that John Sheperd would quickly become the princess of China".

And I remembered point 3: Richard Woolsey is CLEARLY the IOA's representative on Planet Buttsex.