February 27th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Life is good.

1. Y'all, do you know what today is? The start of Spring Break, that's what the hell it is.

2. If you don't follow artword, hie ye to it and check out iambickilometer and kiki_miserychic's totally amazing entry. The vid is an almost spooky look at Sheppard and his sketchiness, and the fic is... I hate to use the word haunting, because I think people misuse it so much, but that's what it is.

2a. Speaking of artword (yes, they are paying me by the link), the deadline got pushed back a week, thank god. Somehow, my portion of me and antares04a's contribution is teetering at the edge of 6000 words. I'm curious to see if I end up doubling my longest standalone to date (which, contrary to what I thought, is neither Results May Vary nor Four Blatant Lies, but New Beginnings, which hardly counts since it was originally serialized). If I top 6684 words, it'll be the third longest thing I've written including multipart fic, behind the Disclosureverse and the first HP fic I ever wrote (about which the less said the better).

WTF, y'all. I can't remember the last time I worked this much on a single story- I spent longer writing Four Blatant Lies, but that's because I left it alone for several weeks thinking, "This is too silly for anyone but me to enjoy."

3. I just don't get it- not the pingbacks, because I've been dying for the feature ever since LJ Seek gave up the ghost- but the fact that none of the commenters know what pingbacks are.

I just keep reading these comments and thinking, "Have these people ever left LJ before?"

4. I am off to drink tequila, fry up some pork chops (I have them marinating in soy sauce, mirin, and blood orange juice- it's going to be pretty epic), and write a completely different fic (which will probably make gaffsie very happy).

ETA: 5. SGA fen: can somebody link me to that picture that was going around of Robert Picardo wearing Jason Momoa's dreadlock wig? I've yet to see it.