March 1st, 2009

marvel - purple barton

100 Things Sabine Is Not Allowed To Do

001. Not allowed to corrupt Chuck.
002. Not allowed to write an AU where John is a rapper and Rodney is a music critic.
003. Not allowed to title it "Only Funky As Your Last Cut".
004. Not allowed to title anything "Only Funky As Your Last Cut".
005. Ronon does not need to wear a kilt for any reason.
006. Not allowed to quote Marx and/or Engels any more than strictly necessary.
007. Not allowed to quote Judith Butler at all.
008. Teyla does not have any reason to be expressing an opinion on Philippe Bourgois.
009. It does not count as a threesome if one of the participants is Atlantis.
010. Not allowed to write an SGA/Howse crossover.
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