March 2nd, 2009

marvel - purple barton

There's all kind of rocks. Some are rocks you throw. These are rocks you get hit with.

1. I'm not crazy in thinking that remixredux '09 should have started already and hasn't, right? Does anybody know the story on that?

2. Praise the gods, I'm done with my artword fic, which weighs in (before editing) at an astounding 8201 words. IDEK, y'all. Now, I just have to finish my purimgifts- and the less said about that the better, because any hint will make it blatantly obvious who I'm writing for.

3. I have a cold. It is most unpleasing. But perhaps spicy chicken soup what I have cobbled together from spare parts will alleviate my woes. Yes, this is an excellent plan.

4. I had to open a support request to get it done, but finally, finally, finally, LJ have fixed the problem I was having with this userpic. It is, once again, little baby Miles, instead of a damn rock. Unfortunately, it is still a damn rock in Semagic. Sigh. You win some, you lose some, I suppose.


6. Sometimes, I feel as if I should be writing actual entries instead of in list form; but maybe if I keep doing it long enough, it will sort of become my thing, y'know?

ETA: 7. HOLY SHIT, it JUST occured to me that the captain of the Daedalus is named Steven. Oh god. There is not enough facepalm in the world for the revelation.