March 26th, 2009

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Confess sins, receive bacon

So, uh, hey, flist?

So I really want to write, but lately, everything I touch turns to plot and gen and banter. Like, today, I sat down during lunch to work on this sort of quirky and bittersweet Ronon/Radek story (...could you write Ronon/Radek that wasn't quirky, I wonder?) I've been tossing around; but then I realized that Radek leaves after the first scene and has no reason to come back, and then this OC hoplologist shows up and Explains It All For You, and I'm pretty sure there's character death and Woolsey's missing an arm and the Wraith have been defeated and-

And I haven't really got the mental energy for that kind of stuff right now. What I'm turning out is really good, don't get me wrong- it may be some of the best stuff I've written- but it's the end of the semester, and I just want to relax and have happy fun fanfic tiems.

What I really want to write is good, short, itch-scratchy stuff, stuff where people don't have talk quite so much ("On your knees, bitch" does not count as dialogue)- stuff more like this and less like... everything else.

So tell me, flist (and, I suppose, people who just sort of wandered by and made it through all that), what are your bulletproof kinks? Y'know, the stuff that makes you go weak in the knees every time somebody even mentions it. I want to hear it all- from the big, unwieldy stuff like strappado and suspension and interrogation, all the way down to the little, subtle stuff like dress shirts or biceps or certain dirty words.

Furthermore, what characters would you like to see doing them? I could do some SGA/early SG-1, some Phoenix Wright, maybe some House or Firefly or Bebop if I were asked nicely.

Caveat lector: I make no guarantees on delivery (unless, y'know, you wanted Ronon/Radek, cause then I'd have to), because 1) this is v. much a whim 2) I may catch a wild hair and start actually doing my school work 3) it's entirely possible that YKINMK(BTOK); I still refuse to write rimming, for example, even though it's pretty vanilla. I also don't write Jayne/River or Phoenix/Maya, but you should know that by now; additionally, I'm like half a season behind on House and sort of pants on writing the new!Fellows.

Tell me your dirty secrets, flist. Callers are standing by.
marvel - purple barton

At least I got something out of theory class

Title: Performativity
Summary: House didn't think she had it in her.
Fandom: House
Word Count: 383
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, pegging, toxic amounts of swagger
Pairing: Stacy/House
A/N: For zulu and her id, pursuant to this post. Set pre-canon, obviously. Can we talk for a minute about how much I love Sela Ward? Because she's like my favorite, and not just because we're from the same town.

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