April 2nd, 2009

marvel - purple barton

ahmo, ahmo niquihtoa in nahuatlahtolli

1. Here is a sentence that I could never read in another fanfic and die a happy woman: Collapse )

2. Dude, I love pingback_bot. Have I just been getting rec'd up and down lately, or have I just missed it up until now?

Am I an MNF now, guys?

3. Not sure how I feel about Dreamwidth; color me cautiously pessimistic. I'll never move my personal journal, though it's mostly defunct at the moment. If fandom really does move over wholesale, I'll consider moving this journal; but it certainly hasn't happened yet, unless you count when all the RPers moved to GJ. I think I'd sooner get my own website.

4. There is a ladybug in my carrel. It briefly scared the crap out of me, as I saw it out of the corner of my eye.

5. Anyone can tell you that I kind of hate the cult of personality and feel sort of bizarre even talking about celebrities, but OMG, @katehewlett and @dhewlett are so precious.

6. So I've read an awful lot of musician AU (why does everyone like it so much?), but if you want to know what it's like to be in music school, go and read Tactus by toomuchplor. There are so many points where I went “YES, THAT, EXACTLY THAT, GOD” that I can't even pick them out. Like, I had to go and check to make sure we didn't go to the same college. John even studied in Ghana, for Christ's sake.

7. Here's my problem with Ronon and Teyla. Ronon is fascinating to write about, but terrifically hard to write for. Teyla's voice is remarkably easy to write, but I don't find her particularly interesting to write about. If I could put them in a blender, perhaps I could extract the perfect character.

So the Epic Ronon/Radek That Has No Ronon/Radek is stalled out, because Ronon has to make a speech. God. And there is just no way he can't have this speech, because the whole story builds up to this point, and it has to be good, because the whole story's about how nobody takes Ronon seriously.

This is turning out like the Weir/Zelenka That Ate Prague, which is still not done. Fuck it- from here on out, it's all PWP and spontaneous popcorn fic for Radek.

8. I have a billionteen things to do before MTAC and arymabeth, but it is raining and thundery and all I want to do is curl up in bed with a glass of whiskey and a book.

9. I am talking on OkCupid. To a girl. Who likes SGA and does math. Who is literate. About linguistics. ZOMG.

10. I'm going back to my translation now. I think Nezahualcoyotzin is about to start a war.