April 7th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Programming notes

This may be of interest to leiascully, coffeesuperhero, zhukora1, commodoremarie, solarwind, readiness, and anybody going to SDCC or Dragon*Con.

...I find it inexplicably amusing that those are the two most convenient cons for me to go to. I guess I'm technically just as close to Chicago Comic-Con as to Dragon*Con, but I'll still be in California then.

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fma - target: rock on!

LJ Is For Happymaking: Day 2

The cafeteria had rosemary potatoes today. I would not normally be jumping up and down about potatoes, but these ones are ORGASMIC. I'm pretty much convinced they just boil them in butter. And they're nicely salty, without too much rosemary. And I was really, really hungry, which helped.

Seriously, guys, these were some fine-ass potatoes.

And now, back to sacrifice.