April 13th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

LJ Is for Happymaking: Day 8

I had a pretty bitchin day, actually. I got OMG SO MUCH writing done. I got about 600 words on one paper (which was, uh, all of it) and 700 on other (for me, in one day which is not the day before it is due, this is a lot- it equates to about five pages). I also banged out the first (I say the first, because it is the first I have written, though a lot of it is from the end) 500 words of my thelittlebang fic.

I also got some leisure reading done, although I'm not sure I'm going to finish the book (An Arsonist's Guide to Writer's Homes in New England) right now; it seems good, I just don't know if it's what I'm feeling right this second. It is less funny and more sad than was advertised. I may hang onto it until after my bioarch paper is done and give it another go then.

Huh. Apparently LibraryThing's new widget says there is a high probability I won't like it. Perhaps I will go and read a romance novel or something and come back to it. I may be too all over the place at the moment to read anything that prompts me to have thinky thoughts. Or maybe I'll just go read a whole lot of Daniel/Sam/Jack porn (it is the truest of the OT3s, and if you say otherwise I will strike you down. I'm like a Jaffa, only I serve Daniel/Sam/Jack).

...Okay, right, sorry, too much time in the library and too much SG-1. This is my last day of happiness; for that I am rather sad, paradoxically, because it has been good and happy and nice posting a happy thing every day.

PS: Crafty people: what should I cross-stitch next? I am making a wee snowman what I found in my sock drawer, but he is sort of boring and full of more half-stitches than one snowman can possibly need and soon to be finished. I thought about doing a chart of the stargate, but then I realized that I just really didn't want to do all that blue. ETA: Awww, but I might have to do a little Earth symbol, because it is sort of adorable and will take ten whole minutes. But this? This is a little too hardcore, even for me.

OH! Maybe I could chart the Atlantis mission logo. That might be sexcellent.