April 21st, 2009

marvel - purple barton

The Rump-Shaking Is Non-Optional

So, recently, I've gotten arymabeth totally addicted to SGA, and we've realized that there are really a lot of stories we'd like to see:

1. We want to read a story that has Woolsey/Weir, because they are fuckin' sophisticated as hell.

2. We want to read a story about the college that Rodney is on sabbatical from for the duration of the Atlantis Mission, preferably about his poor grad students.

They keep calling him, and whenever they get through (which is maybe once a year) he keeps banging the phone on the table and yelling "YOU'RE BREAKING UP."

3. We want to read a story where Ronon discovers police caution tape, and uses it to cordon off Teyla. And Weir. And possibly Sheppard.

Ronon doesn't like people touching his things.

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But that's as far as we gotten.

This does not even include the things that we think are totally canon, like the fact that Daniel Jackson is the SGC's resident pot dealer, or the fact that Michael is the father of Teyla's baby ("Kanaan" is just some poor Athosian hybrid whose memory loss Teyla took advantage of).