May 2nd, 2009

marvel - purple barton


I has a dreamwidth.

In fairness, I was drunk when I said I would only go if they were handing out blowjobs.

So here's what happened: I've been wanting to make a fanfic archive for a really long time. I've never had one; that was the original intention of sabinelagrande, but for a lot of reasons, using an active journal like an archive is really problematic.

I remain cautiously pessimistic that Dreamwidth will impact fandom in any significant way; however, I do think they've got a tenable site going, with a lot of really dedicated people behind it. The compatibility is really useful for creating an archive, too; I just got this thing yesterday and everything is already there. If it becomes obvious that all the action is at dreamwidth rather than livejournal, I... actually probably will still not move, but I'll comment and join communities using [info]sabinetzin.

So what does this mean for you, the viewer?

From this point onwards, all fic will be crossposted to sabinelagrande and [info]sabinetzin. All the other stuff- polls, silly humor, meta, chillin' with mah fangirls, and generalized dicking around- will be on livejournal only.

If you're only going to friend people on one site or the other, friend sabinelagrande. There is essentially no point in subscribing to [info]sabinetzin unless you're leaving LJ altogether, or if you're not really interested in my dicking around. There will be some stuff that appears on dreamwidth that hasn't made it to LJ- but it's old stuff that just never got posted, not new content. I'll also be retagging and making new indexes and such, making it all clean and pretty over there.

Oh, and if I haven't circled you yet, give me a heads up. I won't be locking anything over there, but, y'know. I like to be neighborly.

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