May 11th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Sweet caffeine, why have you forsaken me

1. coffeesuperhero, leiascully: I was planning to show up in your neck of the woods on Wednesday and leave Sundayish, if you folks are amenable to that plan?

2. Not sure, at this juncture, if I'm going to have to bail on thelittlebang. This is the same problem I encountered with house_bigbang this year- the deadlines fell right after I finished the semester. It was suicidal to work on them during finals, but if I leave it until afterwards, I'm so exhausted that all I want is to sit around and watch Stargate. I'm having the same problems with this story that I did with the one I intended for Big Bang, too. I keep planning out these intricate stories with, like, Themes and Messages and Angst and Actual Plots. I don't know why I keep thinking I can write like that, when the only story of substantial length in that style that I've ended up pulling off was Get Away, and I ended up hating that story. I don't know- I keep trying to write what I want to read, but it doesn't work. So instead I write a lot of porn and humor, which isn't very rewarding because it isn't hard at all.

Also, I feel like I'm losing my touch for writing House fic. House himself in particular, which is bad, because he's the POV character for like 5000 words of this story. And Cuddy- I don't have any clue whether Cuddy's in character anymore.

It's frustrating- but, I'm farther along than I was at this point with Big Bang, the word count is shorter, and they're letting people slide with 13000+ words for the final draft. I don't know; I'll give it a go again this afternoon, see if I can get another 2000 words or so done. Maybe if I lay down the frame story, it'll work better.

3. I don't really have another point; it's just that these entries seem too short without three points. Clearly, I need a coffee.

3a. Oh, right- last night at about 4AM I developed an elaborate scheme for how slash fans were just like the Tollan and het fans were just like the Tau'ri. I can't decide if it's brilliant or if it just seemed that way at 4AM.

(Multishippers are the Nox, obvs.)