May 13th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Voice Post

355K 2:06
“Hello, LiveJournal! It is Sabine. I am somewhere in Western Arkansas, on my way to see coffeesuperhero and leiascully because that is where I always call phone posts from.

So, anyway I have two points for you, um, number one, I just passed a car that had a partial license plate that said MFY, and I thought of you. Point two, some of you may know that I have a weird obsession with finding songs that you can sing to the tune of other songs, like, for example, you can sing all the verses of "Shady Grove" and "Cindy", they are completely interchangeable as in...

The first time I saw Cindy, she was standin' in the door; her shoes and stockings in her hand, her feet all o'er the floor.

As opposed to...

The first time I saw Shady Grove, she was standin' in the door; her shoes and stockings in her hand, her pretty little feet on the floor.

And so on and so forth. Or the fact that you can sing "Should I Stay or Should I Go" to the tune of "War Pigs", which is [?]

Or everybody's Bible camp favorite, which is, um:

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that save a wretch like me, I once was lost but now I'm found; was blind but now I see. Was blind but now I see.

...Which is sacri<i>licious</i>.

But I just found another one, and I'm very excited because you can sing the English ballad "Why So Pale and Wan Young Lover" (Wan? wan? I don't know how to pronounce that word in real life) to the tune of "Shady Grove", as in:

Why so pale and wan, young lover? Prithee, why so pale? Will when looking well won't win her looking ill prevail?

Um, and it just makes me happy in my soul and I wanted to share it with somebody. So I'm gonna continue driving and possibly get some gas, and get [?]. Um, and that's all I really have to say, so goodbye LiveJournal.”

Transcribed by: zhukora1