May 14th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Better living through Joe-face

1. Holy crap, I made metafandom. WTF?

2. I am in Fayetteville! With coffeesuperhero! leiascully has been dragged away for the evening. I pine for her. But we have SGA! I have corrupted her thoroughly. Our favorite part may be the Lens Flare Credits of S2-5, and also Joe Flanigan's hair. And recently there was Potato Soup of Awesome. OMG, so full. It lives up to its name.

2a. Encourage coffeesuperhero to write the Tao of Rodney smut she has threatened. It will be good for all involved. Esp. Rodney. And also me.


(That's what she said.)

3. I think I'm gonna get into my Adamas now. I encourage this behavior.