May 17th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Voice Post

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“Oh Roger Holmes, once again it is Sadine. I've been directed to ___ by Barry and Aaron. Unfortunately I don't have anything to say other than ___. I don't know wanna save the moans because I don't know if that's strong enough. Fucking harsh that's the one. I55 cos like ok going from Tennessee to Arkansas on 40th is fucking simple. You get on 40, you drive until you get to Mile Marker 1, you cross the bridge you're in Arkansas. Like that's how it's done. Like if you wanna come from Arkansas to Mississippi you have to A go through Tennessee for like 12mi which is kinda pointless and cross the was home is Weirdo Ghetto bridge. Where the big turn under the Levee. It's very strange and I don't find it comforting. Bridges shouldn't have turns on them. I don't understand. So I'm I'm in Mississippi. I'm somewhere pass the ___ just sort of driving. Thinking about Sheperd cos that's what I think about when I'm bored and his hair. Mostly of his hair. I mean I like to contemplate it in my moments of all moments actually. Yeah I'm gonna keep driving and maybe I'm gonna call Lizzie because I'm bored. Good night LiveJournal”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post - spoken through SpinVox

....Okay, yeah, now Auto Transcribe is just fucking with me.