May 21st, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Beer is my friend.

1. So I have two tattoos, right? And they're both black and fairly noticeable- the one on my ankle (which reads λόγος) is probably about 2.5" x 1", and the one on my foot covers the entire length of my instep. Hell, you can even see the one on my foot when I'm wearing my Birkenstocks (it reads "living well is the best revenge", but when I've got shoes on it just says "revenge", which makes me lol).

My mother knows about them, because she found my tattoo balm; my father does not. I have been walking around this house for three days with no shoes on, and my father STILL has not noticed. I don't get it.

2. How do I always end up watching the finale of American Idol? Seriously, I never watch any of the rest of it, but I always seem to be at my parents' house for the end. And now, my parents are in there watching it again, presumably so they can listen to the performances without hearing me shout things like, "Jesus Christ, it sounds like the junior high glee club in here" and "That can't be Steve Martin- HOLY SHIT THAT'S STEVE MARTIN".

Me and American Idol, it's just- please remember that, before I decided I'd rather be Daniel Jackson, I majored in vocal performance. So imagine, if you will, if Rodney McKay were tapped to judge the Inyo County School District science fair; he'd be walking along flailing his arms screaming "YOU ARE ALL DOING IT WRONG, I CAN'T BELIEVE ANY OF YOU GRADUATED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, YOU ARE ALL DISGRACES TO SCIENCE," grumbling about the state of the American educational system, and totally missing the point.

Only I don't have a John trailing along behind me going, "Come on, Rodney, it's a really nice solar cooker- look, they even made chocolate chip cookies! How wrong can a model of the solar system made out of macaroni really be?"

Time After Time was pretty, though. And I liked that song Steve Martin wrote, even though those hacks that sang it absolutely butchered it. And the Black Eyed Peas sang that song I like that I probably wouldn't have liked if I knew they sang it.

[Spoiler? Do we warn for this show? Does anyone not know?] was robbed. As my dad put it, "Out of all the people who've been on this show, he's the only one I'd pay to go and see."

3. I am writing! But I am ambivalent about it.

It's a vicious cycle- my WIP folder is crazy overgrown (not to mention my GDocs, and that's not even all of it), but when I sit down and work on my WIPs, I don't get any comments, so I go back and write some porn, and then I get lots of comments, but I feel bad because I don't feel like I'm writing anything that's extraordinary or worth anything, so I go back and work on my WIPs, and ARGH.

In conclusion, suggestions plz.

But! I finished two (of three) of my stories for remixthedrabble, and I'm making headway on my stories (now also three, though I may go back and pick up one of the Dresden Files prompts) for rounds_of_kink. And I've written like 700 words of something totally unrelated which I hope to finish tonight.

3a. Canadians: do you say "on heat" or "in heat" when referring to animals going into estrus? I swear it's relevant.

4. I finally went to the Fresh Market, and OMG, beergasm. I have Gallo (aka Famosa)! And Czechvar! And some other Czech beer I have not a prayer of spelling! And Anchor Porter! Life is good.

ETA: 5. I just want to point out that this song is pretty much my McShep anthem. Would that I were not teh fail at vidding.