May 25th, 2009

marvel - purple barton

Also, this icon pleases me in my soul.

1. After much sojourning, I am home. Glorious home! It may interest you to note that I have the most comfortable bed in the entire universe.

And waiting for me, Turn Coat! And Starman Omnibus Vol. 2! And Comic-Con Magazine...? And also an offer from Harvard University Press to sell me a lot of Classics books. Is this because I joined the AIA?

2. Seriously, people. If I read one more fic that is written in third person limited from John's point of view, and in which Rodney is referred to in narration as "his lover" (feel free to insert any other two male characters, this rant still applies), I am going to fucking SCREAM.

I have never, in my entire adult life, heard any native speaker of English seriously refer to another person as "my lover". And Jesus Christ, especially not John. Rodney might be his buddy, or his partner, or his friend, or his um-friend (you know, you go to introduce them, and all you can think to say is, "This is my, um, friend?"), or, even though it sort of makes John feel like a 14-year-old girl, his boyfriend. But for fuck's sake, not his lover.

ETA: Now, with visual aids.

...Ironically, I think Rodney actually might use that word to refer to Katie Brown. But that is because he is Awkward Man, defender of inappropriately timed truth, cheek-kissing, and the Canadian way (politeness, obvs).

2a. Which brings me to my problem with Jack/Daniel, or, really, any fic with Daniel in it.

To understand this rant, you must first understand that m'colleague and I have a standing joke where he introduces me to prospective students as "The Linguist"- because I am the only grad student specializing in linguistic anthropology, and now that my advisor is on sabbatical, I really am the only linguist on campus.

So my problem with Jack/Daniel is that slash writers love epithets, for some ungodly reason (stupid English pronouns- this shit would never happen in Javanese). And the epithet most commonly used for Daniel in Jack/Daniel stories, behind possibly "the younger man", is "the linguist."

First of all, Daniel is a philologist; there is a difference. Secondly, it always makes my brain short out for a second, like people I don't even know are writing my self-inserts for me.

2b. Which brings me to my massive newfound love for Spock/Uhura, because the fic is full of so much linguistics lurve. It pleases me in my soul.

3. I am going to download some Corner Gas (Brent Butt, why so awesome?), eat some katsu don that my mom made for me, and type these notes. Tomorrow, I must actually do things, like call American (? maybe it's United) and go to therapy and bitch out this guy from the LSA. Woe, woe, that I should have to work in the summer. ::melodramatic sigh::